Platform 9¾

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The Scarlet Train Home  Closed 

14 of July 2019, early in the afternoon.

Charlotte had just spent one of the best years of her life, meeting extraordinary people and learning magic, but now was the time to head home. Every memory of Hogwarts seemed like a dream, unreal and Charlotte had a hard time not crying when she saw the Castle disappear behind the silvery mountains.
She had spent her first two of weeks of summer with her friends at summer camp and the Hogwarts Express was close to empty at this time of the month.

The monotone humming the wheels of her suitcase made on the carpet lulled her slightly as she passed all empty compartments, not really knowing why she didn't slide into the first one she saw. Finally, one of them caught her attention. The curtains were swinging gently from side to side, the sun hitting the crimson seats with a golden glow. It wasn't any different than any of the others she had just ignored but for some reason, this was the one she wanted to be in.

She watched as the train slowly started moving, taking up more speed each minute. The landscape just passed right before her eyes and only the trees in the distance were the ones she could see in detail. The window wasn't as cold as it was on the first time she took the train, but sure was cool enough for her to press her forehead against it and enjoy the freshness on this hot summer day. Soon the lady with her trolley full of sweets and goods would pass by and Charlotte wondered if she would take something as she felt the few coins she had left in her pockets.
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