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On the 1st of September  PV   Closed 

The big day had arrived. Sara was walking along the platforms of King’s Cross Station, watching the continuing flood of people following the boards. She only had a small pale blue bag containing her camera and some chocolate frogs her grandmother had given her when she had received her letter for Hogwarts. « You can’t stay alone very long with chocolate frogs », she had said. Samuel, Sara’s brother, was carrying her weighty suitcase. He had insisted that she would need most of the stuff in her bedroom, including half of her wardrobe, three quarters of the things on her desk and almost all of her books. Moreover she couldn’t go without some objects from her collection of antique items, so the trolley was rather full.

Sara checked her ticket. It indicated Platform 9 3/4. She frowned, searching for the unusual number. Samuel looked over her shoulder.

« I told you this whole magic stuff was invented by grandma. This platform doesn’t even exist. Hey! »

Sara’s grandmother, Maria, had just hit Samuel behind the head.

« You’ll see if it’s an invention. How dare you call magic into question, Samuel Charles Palarion! »

Samuel smiled at her, acting as if he had said nothing. Sara sighed. How was she going to do without him? She didn’t have the time to answer this question, Maria was already leading her through the crowd.

They arrived in front of a pave wall. Sara looked at her grandmother, filled with dismay. She knew there was something special about herself. She knew it since the time she had made a leaf fly when she was five. She had hidden it for a long time, thinking that it was normal. Fortunately she was not a very talkative girl, so she hadn’t shared her distinctive characteristic with anyone. Children could be cruel sometimes. But right now, she had the feeling that her grandma had been playing her with all her magic stuff and her school of wizardry. Even the name sounded weird. Seriously, who would call a school « Hogwarts »?

« Samuel, you stay here. Sara, run into this wall. »

« Are you mad grandma?! I’m not bulletproof! » chocked Sara. 

Maria severely looked at her, pointing out the wall. Sara knew she couldn’t run away, so she complied and prepared herself to her imminent death. She closed her eyes, breathed out and started to run.

When she opened her eyes again, she was in front of a huge red train, not the kind you could usually see in King’s Cross. There was something different about the people too. There was a lot of children, between around 10 and 19, and according to the hugs and the tears, the adults accompanying them were their parents or their family.

Maria was smiling at her granddaughter, satisfied.

« So what is invented now? »
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On the 1st of September  PV   Closed 

Marcus jumped in excitement when the day finally arrived for Hogwarts, rushing his mom and dad to the kitchen for breakfast, he was amusingly bouncing on his feet in excitement as he imagines what he will learn at school "Oooh I can't wait! Just imagine what I will learn in Charms! Or Transfiguration or oh oh oh maybe Potions will be fun!" He finishes his breakfast quickly then gathers his things as his father activates the floo network to Platform 9 3/4th then they jump in and appear at the Platform, Marcus gazes starry eyed at the train then shakes his head and takes a deep breath and focuses on his lessons in Pureblood Mannerisms from his mom and dad as he makes his way to the train with his things but not before giving his parents big hugs "I will owl you when I get the chance, love you guys!" He said quite loudly with a bright smile as he hurries to the train and looks around. "Time to find a compartment!" he mumbled making his way to a compartment in the back.

Stopping at the last compartment, he looks around then enters when the coast was clear, putting his things away he nods and relaxes as he reads a book on Charms

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On the 1st of September  PV   Closed 

Dear Lianna,

I hope you will be fine with your first day of school. Mother probably prepared too many things for you again so I wish you good luck with your luggage. Try to not break your back trying to take it all with you. If I hear that you broke something in your body, I will be at your doorstep as fast as I can and nobody will be glad of it!

In another way of thought, I am worried about you. Please don't forget to send me as many letters as you can and know that I miss you terribly. You are in my thought each day.

Also, do not forget to tell me how your first day in this new school went and if you can, tell mother that I miss her...

Only for you,


The young brown haired girl was nervous for her first day. She was not acting normally. Arya was the strong and brave one, never failing to help someone, always there if you needed her, always as confident as possible. She also tried to never doubt her decision. But today, she was only a small girl of eleven years old entering a school teaching magic. A school that would change her future for the best and open greats doors to reach her goals. It was supposed to be the greatest experience she would have in her life but something was wrong. She was alone, trying to find out where the platform 9 3/4 was. Nobody came to see if she was alright, her mother was in Canada with her twin sister Lianna and her father was busy with his job. So, she was lonely and looking around her to find a way to get into the train. 

The young girl walked around, seeing many children with their parent all going in different ways that were not her own. What if this platform did not exist? How could she get there in time. She could not miss that train, her father told her so. At this point of despair, Arya saw in her peripheral vision a group of people. They were intriguing her and she decided to get closer. Maybe they could help her get where she had to be. The girl had a feeling this family was going at the same place she had to get. She was not wrong. Once she was closer, Arya could easily distinguish a tall boy and a small girl. They were with an older woman. Possibly their grandmother. Curiously, she went their way and hear them talk about the platform 9 3/4.

Exactly where she needed to go. She followed them from behind and saw the young girl run into the wall. 

Wait, did she just go through it? Thought the young witch. 

She has raised her eyes to see the name of the platform. 9 3/4. It was the right place. Now, she had to run into this wall and hope for the best. She started to walk toward it with her bag and luggage. Arya also took the time to smile to the girl's family and walked into the wall. Once she opened her eye she had closed during this action, she looked around her. The place was full of young and older kids. Their parent or family's member were there to say goodbye for the year.

Sighing, the young girl tried to cheer herself up. She wanted to meet new people. Makes new friend so that she could evolve with them and start a new life. A better one that would bring her awesomes experiences. Coming out of her thoughts, Arya looked around to find the blond girl that helped her gets in the right place without knowing it. She would make the first move. It was why she hurried up to enter the train to find her. The blonde was not far away in front of her. 

- H-Hi! Is it your first time here too? I'm Arya by the way. The brown haired girl smiled  and took a greater look at the blonde girl. She seems nice. The intuition of the witch had never really failed her. It was why she took a new move.

- Would you like to find a compartment with me? 

A new kind of life was waiting for her and she would bite on it with enthusiasm. 

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On the 1st of September  PV   Closed 

"Don't worry yourself so much, mother. You look about ready to keel over."

The remark came from a young, frail girl, no older than eleven, who wore a particularly sour expression as she gently, yet firmly shoved at a much woman. Presumably, it was her mother by the redhead's previous comment alone,  grinning tearfully as she attempted to wrap her child into a bittersweet embrace. The final contact they would share until summertime fell over Europe, it would be, as the youngest of the three would soon be embarking on a journey by her lonesome.
It was Adalaide Ishida-Käufer's first time traveling completely by herself. Though, when she considered it, she could not recall a time that her parents had ever allowed their precious daughter more than a foot out of their sight, and while she had to admit that the dull ache of worry persistently buzzed within her as they gradually approached the awaiting platform, her excitement outweighed any negative emotions ricocheting against the inner crevices of her dense, little mind.

"Oh. You know me! Of course, I'll write. Everyday - I swear it."

The corners of her lips curved upwards into an ingenuine grin as she bid her parents farewell. Grip tightening around the handle of her rickety cart, Adalaide blew aside a loose strand of hair that had been obstructing her vision. She forced in an uncertain breath, eyeing the dense wall of brick before her eyes. Although the thought of charging headfirst into the mass admittedly twisted the girl's stomach, she understood well that time was of the essence, only flickering one final gaze in her parents' direction before rushing towards the barrier without a second thought.
Eyelids remaining clenched shut until she felt her entire frame jostle uncomfortably, she peeked around the new terrain with newfound confidence. King's Cross Station was well behind her. Blinking over her shoulder, a certain weight felt lifted from Adalaide's chest simply knowing that she was completely free to roam without her parents' forceful guidance. Hobbling forward a few steps, the child's fleeting thoughts were interrupted by the bothersome whistle of the train to her right.

♡ ♡

There was something awfully stressful about weaving through a crowd of unforgiving preteens, all roughhousing in the aisle or scrambling between compartments. Some people really did have no class at all. Struggling not to step on any feet as she padded down the thin walkway, the girl muttered under her breath incessantly, whispering out naughty words and cusses as she slipped on by. Nearly reaching the backside of the space, Adalaide's gaze scanned the area around her. If nothing else, she wished to sit alone with her thoughts. For a bit, at least.
Tugging at a closed compartment door with the assumption that it would be completely empty, she nearly shouted in surprise at the sight of a stranger. Shoulders rising subtly, Adalaide tensed nervously, lips pulling into a taut line. Although the boy was not causing any trouble, even acknowledging her presence with more than a glance, it was difficult to shake the intimidation that welled up within her. She faltered for a moment, clammed up without a word before finally uttering a single, dry statement.

"Oh, perfect. Just when I thought I found an empty one."

On the 1st of September  PV   Closed 

Sara looked back, searching for Samuel. But he was gone and there was just the wall standing where he was a minute earlier. She must have looked puzzled because Maria giggled before reassuring her. He was not gone, just on the other side of the wall. She kept looking at the bricks, waiting for Samuel to join them.

He won’t come you know, he’s a Muggle. He can’t pass through the wall.” explained Maria.

The anxiety that was slowly filling Sara’s heart reached its top.

What? But I haven’t even told him goodbye!

Maria raised her eyebrows, silently telling her granddaughter that hugging for the last few days and reciprocally giving advice to live without each other clearly was telling goodbye. Sara knew it at the bottom of her heart, and her grandma was aware that she would be late if she had let them say goodbye one last time, but it didn’t eras the pain she felt at that moment.

Samuel had always taken care of her. Their parents were always working really late, and he had been the parental figure every child needs for her. He was so resourceful and independent, when she... she was only a eleven-year-old girl that had never been alone for more than a day. How would she be able to take care of herself without him ?

Sara hold back tears. It was not the best moment to cry, she had so much to discover, every child would dream to be there. She hadn’t the right to be sad, and she would see her brother for Halloween, in less than two months. It wasn’t such a big deal, right ?

The full to breaking point suitcase was already in the train, and it was time to go. Maria smiled and opened her arms. Sara could see she was moved, and she had to think of something joyful not to break in tears.

I’m so proud of you Sara. I’ve been dreaming of the day my children or my grandchildren would attend lessons at Hogwarts for so long. I’m glad it’s you, you’ll be such a great witch.

Maria sniffed and hugged Sara one last time before letting her go. The little blond girl promised she would send letters one last time then she turned her back on her grandmother, the wall and everything behind. It was time.

She was jumping into the train when  a young brown haired girl approached.

H-Hi! Is it your first time here too?” she asked. “I'm Arya by the way. Would you like to find a compartment with me?

Sara smiled and nodded. Perhaps she wouldn’t be that alone after all.
She brushed her blue pale bag, where the chocolate frogs were still waiting to be eaten.

Yes.” Sara responded.

*Tshh come on Sara! You can do better than that!* told a voice in her head. She knew that if she wanted to make friends, she would have to open up a little, but she was naturally suspicious. She breathed out then continued :

Nice to meet you Arya. I’m Sara. Is it your first time too? I would like to, thanks. It’s really nice.

They tramped the corridors of the train, looking for a free compartment. Sara couldn’t help but think that there were unfortunately none. There was however a compartment less crowded than the others, with only two other students that seemed around their age. Sara turned towards Arya, silently asking her if it was okay, then she pushed the door and sat next to a boy that was reading a book. In font of her was a girl that didn’t seem so happy to see people joining them, and Sara started to feel uneasy. She smiled and tried to look as invisible as possible, hoping they would arrive soon.

On the 1st of September  PV   Closed 

Arya ran a hand through her hair and smiled. It was a nice feeling to be able to talk with someone of her age. Everything has been difficult after her dad and herself had moved to England. New language, new culture, and new people. However, she always manages to get through things without too many difficulties. She was resourceful. Returning her eyes on the blonde haired girl, Arya listened to her introduction and felt a strange emotion. It was a mix of happiness and nervousness. The mysterious girl named Sara was making her feel a lot of emotion, but it was almost familiar. As if she knew her for a long time.

- Nice to meet you too, Sara. Yes, it's also my first time. I have to say I am quite excited about this new adventure!

The young girl, followed her new friend into the train. They were searching for a compartment without success. All of them were already full. With the exception of one, far away in the back of the train. Only two children were in it. So, this compartment was the best and only option they had. She then saw her friend make eye contact with her. Wordlessly asking for permission to enter. Of course, she would probably have preferred to stay with the young girl and only her but, no other option were visible. So, she nodded to Sara with a genius smile to make her comfortable and entered the small place behind her new friend.

She sat down next to a young red haired girl. The atmosphere was kind of strange. Arya could see that Sara wasn't comfortable in this situation. But, did they have a choice? Unfortunately, no other place were available in the train. They would have to deal with it until they arrive at Hogwarts. It's didn't mean they would have to feel like this all the way. Arya decided to try to make a move. She would talk to those two individual that would share their travel with them.

-Hello, we are really sorry to disturb you guys, but no other compartment were available. I hope you don't really mind us joining you. Either way, there's no other place...

She smiled while playing nervously with her hair. A habit she had when she was feeling nervous. Her twin sister, Lianna often laughed about it because she was always having messy hair. Playing with them wasn't helping with the ''taking care of them'' side. She sighs remembering that her sister wasn't with her for this great new start. She would have loved to share those feelings with her. To learn and experiment new thing with her. However, destiny or their parents had decided otherwise.

The young witch turned her brown eyes back to Sara. This girl was inspiring trust. She wished to have a chance to know her better. Maybe would they share the same house or gets many classes together? That would be a pretty interesting turn of events. Arya realised that she didn't knew a lot about the blonde. It was probably a good time to start a conversation with about her liking. There was also a high possibility that the young boy and girl that were sitting with them, enter the conversation. Friendship could be created.

-So... Do you like any kind of sweets Sara? 

The young witch had smelled an odor or chocolates since she meet the young girl.

Couldn't resist the chocolates invitation. . .  :whistling:

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On the 1st of September  PV   Closed 

Marcus looked up when the door to -his- compartment opened then he stared at Ada with his ruby colored eyes as if piercing into her soul when she uttered her comment "That could be quite rude to say something like that when you have entered -someone elses- compartment, miss.." He responded with a raised eyebrow in a cold tone then shook his head "I can only assume you are a Pureblood who thinks the world revolves around them or a Muggle-born with no knowledge of which is it?" He asks with his cold tone but with a hint of curiosity in there somewhere, turning back to his book, he goes back to reading as he waits for the rude girl to answer "If you were a Pureblood you would atleast be respectful to your fellows" He added with a roll of his eyes "But I am not sure how British Purebloods conduct themselves these days" He added glancing over to the girl "I can only assume you are British miss, I mean no other country had dark lords and death eaters..maybe Bulgaria since they had Grindalwald, but Britain had Voldamort, Salazar, Herpo the Foul, Morgana Le Fay...I could go on honestly" he shrugged then went back to his book, hearing two other students arrive, he smiled and nodded "Apologies for my manners, you are both welcome in this compartment if you would like, I am Marcus De Wynter, Heir to the Most Ancient and Most Noble De Wynter House" He introduced himself kindly to Sara and Arya 

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