Platform 9¾

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A Long Ride Away  Solo   Finished 

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July 15, 2019, 10:48 A.M.
Thora gazed out onto Platform 9 3/4. The auburn-haired second year regretted her choice of wearing her robes. The summer air oppressed her, making her feel like a butterfly trapped in its cocoon. She had said an awkward goodbye to her family in Dublin, before taking an early morning flight to London. Of course, there were the promises to write and her parents' obviously fake, "Hope you have a good time, honey." It was tough to get all the way to Kings' Cross to catch the train at 11 o'clock. It was depressing, really, that her family no longer cared about her, but at least the young girl had something to look forward to--Hogwarts. Maybe a year ago, Thora would probably have been running on the fields or skipping stones in a nearby pond with her sister. Now, the serious, pale-eyed girl found herself standing awkwardly on the large platform. While young wizards and their parents milled around casually, Thora's only companion was a trunk.She hoped everything was still there, she had been careful to check everything the night before.
Finally, July 14. Tomorrow, Thora would, again, leave from Dublin and make her way to, practically, her second home. Hogwarts. The red-haired second year couldn't wait to sniff at the cool Scottish air, to even meet new people. Anything to get away from Dublin, where her family hated her and resented any move she made. But why? She hadn't done anything wrong, hadn't made fun of them in any way. The redhead sighed. Some things she could never figure out. Grabbing a work robe that was strewn on the floor, Thora folded it and tossed it into her trunk. She double-checked and double-checked again the contents of her trunk, ensuring that all her magical items were safe in the smooth wooden container. Why was she even up this late? She did have to catch a flight at 7 o'clock the next morning if she wished to reach Platform 9 3/4 in time. Thora began to grab a t-shirt from her tiny closet, and stopped. Why bother? She had might as well just wear her robes... Thora flopped down on the bed, imagining the moment when she could finally climb onto the Hogwarts Express...
Thora sighed--Hogwarts Castle seemed to beckon to the young witch from miles away. Thora couldn't wait to go back to Hogwarts, even if there was no learning to do. She knew (or had heard rumors) that her Head of House [Professor Jensen] had planned several activities, even after she would arrive following her short summer break. Although Dublin had been a welcome change of scenery, her family's behavior towards the young girl damped her happiness at being home.
After what seemed like an eternity, the old, red Hogwarts Express rolled into view. As it rolled to a stop, the students leaving for Hogwarts swarmed on, trying to find an open compartment. Thora wandered on, clutching a Muggle book. After all, Hogwarts was still a long ride away.
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