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Tabitha was ready. She had a large backpack on containing everything she would need for a few weeks of summer camp at Hogwarts. Her parents stood on either side of her as they waited for the train to arrive. Rowan, her dad had his arm around her shoulders as a reassuring gesture but Tabs didn't need the reassurment. Both her parents had gone to Hogwarts, that's where they met, in their first year charms class. She already knew what to expect and was ready to meet lifelon friends and learn more about her magical background. That was the reason she was going to summer camp there, she wanted to get to know some of the teachers and students before the start of the school year.

The train had made its way into the station and was slowing pulling to a stop. "Okay sweetheart," her mother sighed, pulling her into a strong hug, "Have a great time. Make lots of friends and be sure to write us if you want to come home early,"

"Don't worry Katie. She'll be perfectly fine," Tabitha's father said reassuringly to her mother. He pulled Tabitha out of the hug and put both his hands on her sholders looking at her lovingly. "Remember that were spending Lammas with your grandparents. Send us an owl if anything exciting happens, we love you," he pulled her into a quick hug and then let her go pusing her lightly toward the train. She got on a found a seat by the window where she could wave goodbye. She smiled at them and waved as the train left the station. She was finally on her way to Hogwarts!
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"Hello I'm a Hufflepuff... actually that's wrong... I'm a PROUD Hufflepuff"