Platform 9¾

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Strange Beginnings  Solo   Complete 

Carson rubbed his arms, blowing out of puff of hot air that formed a cloudly shape in the air. King’s Cross was bustling with people, Muggles, witches, and wizards alike, and the low hum of chatter was almost comforting. “Alright, Platform 9 3/4,” Carson’s mother, Anna Miller, said, smiling. She was a beautiful woman, with brown hair and eyes like Carson’s and naturally tanned skin, even in the cold weather. “Mummy,” Carson’s little sister, Lulu whined, her curls bouncing along with her as she tugged on her mother’s sleeve with the charm only a toddler could posses, “Where’s train?”. Carson laughed to himself, that was an excellent question. While he’d gotten instructions, he was still a little hesitant to run full-speed at a very solid brick wall. Nonetheless, as the small family approached the hidden entrance, Carson didn’t really see another option. Before he could change his mind, he wheeled his trolley towards the wall, trying his best not to think about how stupid he was being. He winced, pulled back slightly, and— he was in. Suddenly, he was in another world, a magnificent train that somehow glowed sat before him, witches and wizards dressed in bizarre clothes walking around, mingling with each other. “Are you guys seeing this too, or...”

Carson Miller // Stamina: 6; Evasion: 4; Strength: 7; Wisdom: 4; ArcPower: 6; Accuracy: 8