Platform 9¾

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Chris and his parents walked along the hectic platform, all of them curious and amazed by the new world put in front of them. They had never imagined a world like this existed, nor did they ever think of being apart of it. Everyone around them seemed to be minding their own business and hurrying past, a mixture of items being pulled along in their steel trolleys. Likewise, he was pulling along one of his own, filled with different cases of clothing and items for his journey. One of them being a violin case that held a piece of home inside.

A classic looking steam train had already stopped in anticipation for the Hogwarts students, its steam almost making it hard for them to see. When they drew closer to the train Chris slowly stopped in his tracks, hesitating slightly from the new beginning he was going to uptake. From behind, a hand was firmly placed on his shoulder, as if it was a sign of support "Don't worry son, we both know how strange this is" says his father, who slowly kneels down beside him "All we ask is that you try your best, and develop that unique gift of yours. If all fails, so be it" speaks his father once more, who lets off a small encouraging smile while taking something from his pocket "Here... take this." he says before pulling out a necklace with a small shiney pebble attached "With this, we'll always be with you"

Chris takes the necklace and gives his father a big hug, a tear welling up in his eye as he embraces him. His mother comes over and also embraces him, knowing she wont be seeing her child for a long while "Now, you go make us proud alright?" his mother says before letting him go and stepping away with his father, who both look at him proudly. He grips the necklace tightly and carefully places it around his neck, nodding slowly to the pair "Thank you, for everything..." Chris replies back to them with a short smile before grabbing his cart with one hand and slowly moving off "Be expecting my letters!" shouts the boy with a grin this time as he looks back to them one final time. He really was going to miss them, but sometimes new horizons require you to leave the ones you love most. This was one of those moments.
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