Platform 9¾

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A Noble Departure  Solo   Complete 

It was a rather long and frantic morning for young Alan Noble, A rainy September morning wasn't going to stop his parents hurrying him along to the station as today marks the day he makes the trip to Hogwarts where the young lad will begin his wizarding education. Quite nervous of what's to come from being shaken awake for missing the morning alarm clock, to quickly getting dressed and apparating with his parents to Kings Cross Station eventually arriving at the magical wall which led to the Hidden Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. Staring at the wall with his backpack on him, Alan feels a soft hand placed onto his shoulder a short stumpy old lady coupled sweet wrinkly smile came along and said in a tired calm voice "What's the wrong Al? don't be nervous now I'll be here to walk you through" It was the boys Nan, Deidre Noble, the boy starting to shake a lot less in the presence of his Nan said nervously "I...I don't know...j...just it's finally happening Nan...a...and could you" He looks down at his feet "I feel my feet a..a..are glued to the ground."

Feeling a light kiss left cheek Alan turned to see it was his mother Alison, reaching for his hand she said "Come on...we'll walk in together as Nan said" she shot a glare at Grandma Noble. Alan nodding at his mum before any of the muggles could realise the trio escorted the young lad through the barrier with his Father coming in from behind with a trolley with his luggage they came across the black and red stream train. Hundreds of parents flocked to see their children off Alans father feeling a sense of nostalgia says to his partner with a smile "Brings back memories doesn't it Allie, remember our first time going through this" Alison grinned at her husband as she replies "Now our little one is about to go on his adventure too..." She whispered to Mr. Noble so young Alan couldn't hear "Hopefully he doesn't trip over into a compartment as you did now remember?" she snickered, Frederick, returned a grin.

While Alan's parents reminisce about old times, his Nan took over the trolley and walked Alan towards the pile of trunks and belongings of other students, dumping his bags down his Nan opened his backpack and reached into it saying "I slipped some Pumpkin Pasties your favourite" she pinched the young lads cheek softly afterward. Alan smiling nervously at his Nan, replies, "T..t..thanks...N...Nan I..I'm scared to go...w...were like this w...w..when you first went o...on the train?" He looked down at his feet hearing the first call from the conductor to board the train, the sweet old lady said "I was just like you dear, it's only natural when I first came here it was a scary time but don't worry once this parts over it'll be smooth sailing from here" kissing the young lads cheek and wrapping his arms around to hug him she slips him a gold coin into his pocket "Remember to write every week ok? Nan wants to know if they're feeding you right ok?"

Alan grinned as he responded "I...I'll miss your desserts while I'm gone...but...I'll promise Nan" A second whistle is blown the boys parents finally catching up to him, Alison took his hand and walked him along towards one of the carriage doors "Come on...time to get on don't want you to miss the train now" His parents crouching down to his level they both hugged as the boy which lasted longer than usual, to which Alan said "I...I don't w...wanna go...I...I'm so scared t..t..that no ones g...going to like me...o...or if I'm going to make a fool of myself" Frederick jumped in immediately "Everythings going to be fine Alan, you're a Noble, stand proud and be yourself the friends will come I'm sure of it" Alan nodded as he broke away from the hug, his Nan coming from behind "Doesn't matter what house you end up in either sweety, we're all proud of you." Alison's lips curled as she muttered "I was going to say that..." not too fond of Grandma Noble jumping in she helped her son on board the train as the final boarding call is called "All aboard anyone who isn't on will be left behind! so say goodbye to your loved ones and climb aboard!"

Before climbing on board Alan's Father stopped him and kneeled the boy down "Before you go, I want you to have something" Frederick pulled from his pocket a silver pocket watch with the engravings of F.N in cursive, upon giving it to his son the 'F' changes to an 'A'. Looking down at the time device the lad spoke "B...but this is your Dad... I...I can't take it away from you" the boys' Father shook his head "It's a little reminder of a reason to stop your mother nagging" he whispered "But don't tell her that" the older man winked.

Alan hugged his Father and climbed onto the train, finding a window to peer his head through and wave to his parents as he said to all three, "I'll write every day! I...I'll make you proud!" The trio waved off the young boy as Alison called out "We're already proud of you Al! Now go! Have your adventure! we'll be right here when you get back!" A tear shed across her cheek as the boy's Father squeezed her hand she continued on as the train pulled out of the station "He's all grown up's so hard to let him go alone" Frederick pulled his wife in close, wrapping his arm around her "I know Allie don't worry he'll be fine"

The last thing Alan could see of his Family was his Grandmother despite her age she was pretty spry managing to run alongside the train as she yelled, "Have fun, Alan! I'll send a care package of sweets every month!" The old lady had to stop to catch her breath as the train finally left the station and went out of sight. Alan pulled his head in and began walking along the corridors of the train looking for a compartment most pushing him away or the lad giving into his anxiety to which he mutters upon discovering a trio nearby "A..Alright you can do this Al next person you see you're going in, no ifs and or buts."