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the First Experience in the Magic World  Closed 

Lisra's father and mother had driven her to the train station after receiving the owl from the headmaster saying she was accepted into Hogwarts. Lisra’s parents had been overjoyed and her family had a large party to celebrate the occasion for she was the first witch from her family to go to hogwarts in a few generations. There was much food to eat for her mom was a amazing cook, multiple beverages, and gifts were given to Lisra. Lisra was very happy to go to this school and learn the way of a witch. When her and her parents had gone shopping for all her school items she will need. When she was at the train station, in her school robs, her parents told her about the famous ran through the wall entrance to the special train, she was even more fascinated with learning magic. Although she was extremely happy about going to hogwarts, she had cried when she had to board the train, her parents said learn all she can and became the family legend. When she leaves the arms of her parents she says her goodbye and walks over to wear the other kids are standing. Then boarded the train into a compartment with nobody in it and walked in. she put her Trunk in the overhead compartment, then sat down. She looked at the really nice compartments and said “I hope I make some friends here with a first-year student or someone nice” then pulled a book out of her small purse and starts to read waiting for more people and the train to start the long journey.
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