Platform 9¾

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A Step in the Dark  Solo   Complete 

Saskia has always wanted to go to a school where she could freely express herself and meet other people who were like her. Maybe not exactly like her, but similar to her in that way. That they were both capable of using magic. It was exciting. Exhilarating. And so many other adjectives she could use. Yet, as she dragged her luggage behind her, she felt a weird weight in her chest. And it wasn't just because she narrowly avoided the muggles' gaze when she passed through the wall. Nevertheless, she didn't want to focus on that. There were more important things to focus on.

Her whole family was here with her. It was a miracle, considering how her mother was usually out somewhere taking artifacts in Egypt, or wherever it was. She was grateful for that, at least. It was nice, knowing that her mother cared enough to send her off to her Hogwarts, her new school. Up until now, she was still confused why the school was named Hogwarts, out of all the names it could have had. Was there an incident involving hogs and warts? She tried asking her father a few days back, though he never gave a clear answer.

After they reached the platform, she stopped walking and propped her luggage up, leaning her arm over the handle.

"So," she mumbled to herself, "This is it."

She glanced at her family, and already, she could picture what they might be thinking about. Her father was as solemn as ever, though even she knew that familiar expression he wore whenever he was worrying about something. Her mother had a faint smile on her face, barely any indication that she was worried at all. In fact, she looked more proud now that this day has finally come. Saskia's sister, Tamara, was still quiet, and knowing her sister, she probably wants to get this farewell over with. She couldn't blame her. She had no idea how long the train would take either.
"Are you excited to get away from us for a whole year?" Her mother joked. Saskia knew it was a jest, but she couldn't help but sense the irony in what she said. She decided not to address it, however.

"Of course. One whole year without Dad constantly reminding me to do my homework? Sign me up," she chuckled, somewhat perking up.

Her father only sighed. "You better do your homework while you're away," he said, looking over at her to make it clear he was serious.

"I will," she protested. After all, she has had experience with piles of homework from her tutoring lessons. Why would this be any different? Maybe magic might have been different from Math or Science, but judging from the books she read, she could tell she could grasp the concept well enough.

Saskia glanced at her sister, who was still quiet, although now she was staring at the floor. She could never know what was really going on in her little sister's mind. It was easy at times, but her sister seldomly speaks up, it makes her wonder if she had something to say but was too scared. Her sister would never admit that was the case if it were true, but it’s still possible.

“Aren’t you going to miss all our fights on who was the smartest out of all of us?” Saskia teased, grinning at her little sister. Tamara has always been persistent that she was the smartest, despite being younger than her. Saskia personally didn’t care, but it was one of the odd things her sister liked talking about. She knew there might have been some truth to her claims, but she didn’t want her sister to have that satisfaction anytime soon.

Tamara gave a huff. “I’m still the smartest. You’re just in denial,” she retorted, crossing her arms.

Saskia laughed. “Keep telling yourself that, Tammy.”

But before her sister could defend herself, a loud whistle rang across the station. Saskia turned around to see the train approaching, eventually creaking to a halt. She grasped the handle of her luggage and glanced at her parents. Her mother gave her usual encouraging smile, though she didn’t speak up. Her father simply nodded at her. “Don’t get yourself in trouble while you’re there.”

“I won’t get in too much trouble,” Saskia laughed. “I’ll make sure to send letters as proof.”

She turned to Tamara. “You better behave while I’m away,” she said, a grin forming on her face as her sister rolled her eyes.

She spun around, staring at the red train in front of her. This was finally it. This was the moment she was really waiting for. She suddenly felt butterflies in her stomach, and she grasped the luggage handle firmly. She walked on the train steps, her right foot first, then her left foot following afterwards. She turned back to look at her family again, giving one last wave before she walked down the aisle, smiling to herself for reassurance.

"Honestas ante honores."
Stam: 9 | Eva: 6 | Str: 7 | Wis: 7 | Arc: 6 | Acc: 8
Abilities: Fearless