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Angellica Rowley  
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Goodbye for now.  solo   complete 

Thick smoke rolled off the crimson engine Angellica had been impatient to board. To say she was eager to begin her transformation was an understatement. Her mother fussed and teared, cupping her cheeks, and trying to maintain her attention as she made comments and offered advice for the year to come, but the blonde girl was far too busy tearing herself away. Her father hadn't bothered to come, work had kept him away, which wasn't anything new, but she didn't mind. He would be there for her graduation someday, and on that day, she swore he would smile on her, pride glowing in his eyes the way it did for many things that weren't her.

"Mom, I'll be fine, I'll write..." she tried to excuse herself, to leave the woman's side and enter aboard the train.

A deep horn sounded in warning, causing wings to rustle and cats to puff all around. The pitter patter of youth and adults resonated around the station, statements being called, giggles abounds. It was lively, and chaotic, filled with life the likes Angellica didn't get to see often in her household. She'd always loved to people watch, to build elaborate narratives as to why people did what they did as she sipped tea.

"And keep this close," her mother placed a rememberall in her hand, closing the small fingers around the glass and gold orb. "It'll glow red if you forget something, you can be so forgetful!"

Angellica rolled her eyes. "Yes, now can I please go?"

Strong arms wrapped around her, holding the thin pale girl firmly in place. "I'm going to miss you," the woman breathed, tucking a strand of blonde behind her daughter's ear. "Let me know if you need anything."

Their eyes met and Angellica smiled, nodding at her mother. She would miss the blonde woman, the caring that she received on a daily basis. This would be a change, a big one, but she was ready. She was a big girl now, and this was the first step to proving that. "Goodbye for now," she cupped her mother's cheek. "I'll see you at Christmas, promise!"

Pulling away, she seized her trunk and rolled it towards the train. With some help she got it aboard and once it was all tucked and ready, she moved through the narrow corridor, peering through windows and doors in hopes to find an empty compartment. She had some reading to do, Hogwarts: A History tucked under her arm. It was going to be quite the ride, but she wasn't afraid. Not that she would let it show if she was.