Platform 9¾

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Trains and Emotions  Finished 

@Meenauh Silmataurea

The 1st of September, 2018
Morning, approximately half past ten
It's always interesting to remember how her parents, wizards to the bones with wizarding blood running through their veins, managed to adapt to the muggle reality, using muggle items and living a seemingly muggle life (to others, of course). One thing she clearly remembered was the Internet and how muggles could create so-called videos by drawing images and animating them with technology. Before Meenauh found out about the wizarding world, she used to watch those videos, particularly ones with superheroes in them, particularly X-Men. She remembered it now and noted silently that the age restriction for those videos probably wouldn't allow 4-year old girls to watch them, but her parents allowed her and she didn't have enough life experience to judge them. Among all the superpowers she liked one the most — Kitty's. What she could do was allowing herself, objects and people she touched, to become intangible. And that allowed walking through walls.

So there she was, standing in front of a brick barrier wall with her parents, between the two platforms: 9 and 10. And she had an excellent opportunity to feel like Kitty Pryde — just concentrate, run and emerge through the intangible wall. And...

And that wasn't that epic. In just a couple of seconds, the sounds around her changed as she found herself on a bright open-air platform next to a huge steam engine with a tall chimney, which was headed up the carriages of the train, designated to bring children to Hogwarts. The platform was already a bit crowded with children and their parents saying goodbyes to each other for the next half of the year. 

Although Meenauh already knew about all those space-folding tricks wizards can do, it was still freaking impressive how a whole platform with a huge train was hidden somewhere in the King's Cross Station. She allowed herself to think a bit about being teleported somewhere else entirely, but it made no sense because then they could just be teleported as close to Hogwarts as possible and just walk their way to the castle by feet.

She heard her parents' steps as they followed her through the barrier and turned to them with her face, shining with awe.

"It's interesting that we didn't tell you what you had to do or think, or believe, in order to get past the barrier and you've managed it just fine," her mother kindly said to her.

"Can muggles do that?" she asked in response.

"Well... I don't think it's possible to get through if you don't have the slightest idea what's behind that wall. But maybe if a muggle would believe that, one could sneak in," her father smiled a bit as he was saying that as if muggles would try to sneak into the wizarding world, if only they knew. Well, she couldn't blame them — she'd do the same if she'd be a muggle.

"Well, look at this beauty!" she pointed at the big train with steam coming out from the chimney, probably signalising its final preparations for the journey. 

"You probably need to head inside, dear! Not much time left until the departure, I guess," her mother said, her voice wavering.

Meenauh was glad they said proper goodbyes preliminarily and hugged, and stuff. So that before actual departure they'd not spend time weeping. But that didn't help much, because just a second after her mother told it was time to go, she burst into tears and hugged her once again.

"Mom, but you said they'll let me go for Christmas!" she said calmly, though realising her voice to waver a bit as well.

"And, dear, we'll be fine for several months without her supervising us," father told her mother that calmly and jokingly, and that surprisingly helped, because her mother let her go, wiped the tears and pushed her away towards the closest compartment.

"Don't forget to send us a message. I made all the bets for the Ravenclaw!"

And she entered the train, glanced at her parents half-turning, waved at them and started to look for a place to sit for the next several hours.

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