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A Muggle Family's Goodbye  closed 


Finn remembered the day he had gotten his acceptance letter. It happened as soon as the clock struck midnight on his eleventh birthday. 

Finn had been playing a board game with his siblings - his brother, Melvin, and his two sisters, Rowan and Shelby. Melvin, as usual, had been cheating and, as usual, his sisters were throwing a fit about it. Finn knew they weren't supposed to stay up so late, but they had all looked at him with doe eyes and complained that they wanted to wish their big brother a happy birthday. His heart had melted at the sentiment, and he had given in, though the sleepiness was getting to them.

"Melvin!" Rowan cried, pointing at his dice roll. "You moved two spots further than you were supposed to!"

"Yeah!" Shelby echoed, though she was still too young to properly count - her sister's observation was good enough for her.

"Whatever," Melvin scoffed. "You guys are being babies."

This promoted an outcry from both girls, who were very self-conscious of how young they were. Finn's eyes met the clock, and he sat up. "One minute to midnight." He wasn't so excited for his birthday to begin as he was to set the kids to bed.

As soon as the hour struck, his siblings began to jump around and wrap their small arms around him. He laughed, patting Shelby's head. At first, he hadn't noticed the commotion amongst the sounds of his siblings. Then, it was undeniable, there was some sort of shuffling at the door. "Stay here," He instructed. His parents weren't set to come home for several more hours, and they always gave the special knock. Tentatively, Finn moved to open the door, and found a snowy owl on his doorstep with a letter held in its beak.

His siblings were not at all confused by the news. Be it their young, imaginative minds, or how much they looked up to their older brother, the world of wizardry seemed on par with Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy - stories they all knew were true. His parents had been another story. At first, they had taken it as a prank. "A school for wizards?" His father had cried. "Next they're going to tell us that the earth is flat, that the sun is made of cheese, that we have to pay a portion of our paycheck to the government!"

"You mean taxes?" Finn replied.

"Yes, taxes. Taxes may as well be wizardry for the working class."

His parents never really warmed up to the idea until they went to Diagon Alley. His little siblings, to their annoyance, were set to stay at home - for obvious reasons. Finn was almost positive his father was even more blown away by the wizarding world than Finn himself. After that, his parents became his biggest supporters. 

Which brought them to today - the day Finn had been waiting for ever since he'd received his letter.

"So, you're meant to just.. run into the brick wall?" His mother questioned, worry coating her voice. 

"It's alright, Janette," His father cooed, his eyes still bright and twinkly from the excitement. "Our boy's a wizard! He can do anything he wants - right champ?" He said with a wink.

Meanwhile, Shelby hadn't let go of a tight hug on his left leg since they'd arrived at the train station. Balancing his trunks on his left leg and patting Shelby's head had proved a difficult balancing act. Finn gave his family a warm smile. "It's gonna be alright. I'll write you guys once a week - tell you all about it."

"I wanna be a wizard!" Shelby cried, burying her face into his jeans. Finn shushed her, partly for her wellbeing and partly due to the many muggle passerby's. It had been made very clear to Finn that his family were the only muggles allowed to know. 

"Listen, Shelbs." Finn dropped to one knee, looking her in the eyes. "I'm gonna be home for summer, alright? I'll tell you everything about Hogwarts. I'll tell you about every adventure, every spell, every potion, and every creature I learn about." He gave her a warm smile. "You're gonna do great." He then dropped his voice to a whisper with a devilish grin. "Take care of Melvin, alright? He may be older than you, but you're so much smarter."

This seemed to calm Shelby, who finally withdrew her grasp and moved to stand next to her sister. Finn straightened up, gripped his trunks in his hands, and tried not to tear up. "Alright guys, I'll see you next summer."

"Do good, son," His father said warmly.

His family waiting arm and arm behind him, Finn gathered up his courage and ran straight for the brick wall. Before impact, he closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath and reminding himself of everything he had yet to do, everything he had yet to be.

When he opened his eyes, he was at a completely new train platform, surrounded by other Hogwarts students wearing cloaks and hats. Finn scrambled to open his trunk and get his own uniform, slipping it on over his normal attire. He hadn't wanted to draw too much attention to himself outside the platform. He took a deep breath, held his trunks close to him, and smiled. 

Sincerely, Finn Valois
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