Platform 9¾

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A New Beginning  Closed 

   "Today is the day," Athena thought anxiously, was she even ready? "Were here" the driver's voice snapping her out of her thoughts. She glanced out the window at the train station, "No turning back now" she muttered as she climbed out of the car. As the driver was loading her belongings onto the trolly she looked up at her parents, it's not often they are all together, she thought.

   Fear and anxiety grabbed Athena and only got more intense the closer they got to the platform, by the time they approached it she was practically shaking. She can't help but wonder what if she fails. "You'll do great," her mother says as he hugs her goodbye, reading her daughters fear and doubt.  Her dad reaches his hand up and ruffles her hair "Make us proud, kid" he chuckles. "I'll do my best" her voice cracks. Her father shifts uncomfortably as her mother checks their phone. "Its always about work she," she thinks, eyes starting to burn. 

  Staring ahead at the platform she meekly walks ahead towards it. After taking one last glance at her parents she snaps her head forward, slams her eyes shut and rushes towards it. After a few seconds, she slowly opens them. "I did it!" she exclaimed cheeks immediately flushing with excitement. She walks towards the train, mind racing with what lies ahead.
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A New Beginning  Closed 

Liam looked around the station, nervous about all this...wizard stuff. His own family couldn't make it to see him off, but a wizard was there to show him what to do. He looked around, trying to hide a little near his bodyguard to avoid the looks of passerby, with his trolley and all. As they approached the platform, he stared in disbelief as he was given his instructions. "R-Run...through there? Y-You're joking. no way..." He waited for a bit, then realized that no, he was not joking. Shaking his head at the stupid thing he was about to do, he ran full speed into the wall, ready for a nasty impact.

He slowed down, eventually stopping when he realized that the impact wasn't coming. He glanced around, holding his hand to his beating chest as his bodyguard patted him on the shoulder with a smile. "Now now boy, there's no need to be scared. Do good out there." Lucas nodded, walking towards the train as he caught sight of a girl. Maybe he should start trying to make friends. Lucas walked over, shaking a little in anticipation. "A-Ah, uh...hi...hi there! I'm...I'm Lucas. S-So, uh...What's your name?" Lucas gulped, not knowing what to say. He didn't really have any magical things to talk about, which he assumed wizards talked about all the time. "I-I...guess you're a Witch? I-I am...I mean, not a witch, a wizard, I...sorry, this is all still to me."

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