Platform 9¾

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Teary Departures Lead to Exciting New Adventures

Raine's eyes widened as she looked at the crowd of people minging and traversing throughout Kings Cross Station. This was her first time actually visiting the large train station as her father either drove them everywhere, her mother side-along apparated with her, or they all took the floo. She was amazed at how many people were running or walking around trying to catch a train. It was a bit intimidating really.

Her father unloaded her school trunk and the other belongings that she would be taking with her to Hogwarts onto a trolly while her mother stood nearby, rocking her fussy baby brother. Her brother, Lloyd, was currently teething and her parents explained that growing teeth was very uncomfortable and sometimes painful for babies; there were many times when Raine would help her parents comfort her brother by either letting the babe gum on her fingers, which could be quite painful she might add, or making her brother laugh to distract him. She really loved her baby brother and was going to miss him terribly.

"Shall we get going, love?" Raine heard her father ask and she turned to smile at him. Seymore Sage had jet black hair with light gray strands mingling in with the dark color, showing off the man's age. However, Raine knew that even at forty-three years of age, her father was still very energetic and still a force to be reckoned with as he was a school teacher teaching English to students in high school. One had to learn how to be stern when dealing with a group of rowdy teenagers. But at home, Seymore was nothing but a giant teddybear to his daughter and Raine knew that he would do anything for her.

With a nod, Raine took hold of the trolly and walked along the side of it while her dad pushed the bulk of it from the middle. Her mother followed behind them with Lloyd in her arms. Looking all around her, Raine took in all of the different signs, people, and the platform numbers, eagerly looking for a sign that would say "Platform 9 3/4". Manuevering the trolly between people and avoiding small children who managed to escape from their mother's hands, the Sage family walked through Kings Cross Station and began to slow only when they reached paticular spot.

"This is the one, right?" Seymore asked his wife.

"Yes. Just straight ahead, dear," Martel Sage responded.

Raine looked up at the wall and squinted. She didn't see anything that said "Platform 9 3/4". Turning to her mother, she said, "Mum, I don't see the platform. Are we truly in the right place?"

Martel Sage, smiled down at her daughter, showing the slight crinkle around her gray eyes. Laugh lines is what her father called them. Martel was a formidable woman who enjoyed working for Gringotts as a Curse Breaker. One would be foolish to try to challenge the thirty-nine year old woman to a duel or a battle of wits, as she was as swift as they came. She was, like most parents, fiercely protective of her children, but she rarely ever coddled Raine, making the child think and see things on her own and with her own eyes. It was moments such as this one where she was quick to remind her eldest child to find out her answers with her own merit and not rely on the answers to be given to her.

"Are you not a witch, little queen?" Martel asked her daughter, using the nickname the girl was given as a baby. "Look closer and you will what only our kind can see."

Raine smiled softly at the usage of her nickname. Her name was of French origin and meant "queen" and so her parents would often dub her, "little queen" when referring to her. Doing as her mother suggested, Raine turned back to the wall and looked harder at the wall between platforms 9 and 10. Sure enough, the platform invisible to only Muggles appeared before her.

"I see it!" she whispered excitedly so as to not alert the other Muggles in the area. Turning to her parents, she saw her father smile at her mother and wipe at his eyes. Frowning, Raine went over to her father. "What's the matter, daddy? Why are you crying?"

Seymore smiled once more and knelt down to be at eye level with his daughter. "I'm not sad, baby. But this is where we must say our goodbyes until the Christmas holidays."

Raine's eyes widened. "What? No! Why? Why can't you come to the platform with me?"

"Muggles aren't able to cross the barrier, baby. You know this. You've read about it many times over the years. Come now, no tears from you. We'll see each other soon and we'll write all the time," Seymore replied, wiping at the tears that began to stream down his daughter's face. "You're going to get on that train, go to Hogwarts, make friends, and do wonderful things there. I'm sure of it."

Raine sniffled and wiped at her face with her sleeve before she hugged her father around his neck. "I love you, daddy. I promise to write home every week."

"I know, little queen. I love you so much more and I'm proud of you."

Pulling away, Raine wiped at her face again and waited as her mother handed over her brother to her father. With a quick, "I'll be back shortly," Martel guided Raine to the middle of the trolly and stood next to her, placing her hands on either side of her daughter's smaller ones. "Take a deep breath, little queen, and don't be afraid."

Raine looked back at her father one last time and smiled as he waved and then made her brother wave at her as well. Facing the platform wall again, she took a deep breath and with the help of her mother, pushed the trolly toward the wall and through the barrier that separated the Muggle train platform from the Wizarding one. Her eyes widened once more as she saw the large red train sitting on the tracks before her, blowing steam from the pipe and piled high with coal to keep the train moving.

The Hogwarts Express.

When reading about the train, Raine often wondered why wizards used coal to make the train move. Why not just use magic for the entire process, but her mother had explained to her that though their people were magical, not everything witches and wizards used required magic. Taking that explanation at face vaule, Raine continued to wonder about the magical train until the day she arrived to take her own ride to Hogwarts.

The platform was loud, bussling with parents sending their children off to school, younger children crying because they wanted to go Hogwarts with their brothers and sisters or for something else entirely. Mothers crying and holding onto thier children as they got ready to depart on the train. Raine saw a group of older students wearing green robes walk passed her and her mother and suddenly Raine was feeling anxious. Backing up, she bumped into her mother and felt a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"Mum...wha-what if I don't get into your house? You were in Slytherin. What if I don't get in there or what if no one likes me or-"

"Raine, calm yourself." Raine took a deep breath but her worries didn't leave her. Her mother went to one knee in front of her and Raine leaned into the older woman, giving her a hug. She felt her mother run a hand through her black hair, the motion helping the young eleven-year-old calm down as she continued to breath.

"Raine, listen to me and listen to me well," Martel began as she shifted her daughter to look into her eyes. "I may have been in Slytherin during my years at Hogwarts, but that doesn't mean that you have to be a Slytherin. You can be in any house and you'll still be my daughter. You will still be Raine Sage and no Hogwarts house will ever change that or change you. Understand me?"

Raine nodded and smiled at her mother. Giving the woman another tight hug and a kiss on her cheek, she moved back to her trolly and moved it closer to the train. It was quite a quick ordeal after that. The clock was ticking down and Raine was ushered onto the train, her mother using a spell to lift her trunk onto the train with ease and finding a compartment that held two other kids in it. With a sad and grateful smile, Raine watched as her mother waved at her and left the train. Sadly, Raine didn't see her childhood friend before she got on the train or in any of the other compartments, but she was sure she would see him during the sorting ceremony. She hoped that they would be in the same house.

Suddenly the whistle blew loudly, startling Raine a bit, but when her compartment mates opened the window and leaned out to wave to their own families, Raine quickly followed suit and stood on the seat so that she could see and reach out of the window as well. Just like everyone else, she waved to her teary-eyed mother until the train was out of sight of the platform. Sitting back down, she smiled as she looked at the other two kids in the compartment with her.

"Hi. My name is Raine. Raine Sage."
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Teary Departures Lead to Exciting New Adventures

@Raine Sage

Kona Mason held tight to her mothers hand. She was excited, but more nervous than she had ever been in her life. Kings Cross Station was huge and busier than the amusement park her family went to this summer. Her family was pretty close and often spent a lot of time going on adventures together.

“Come on, come on, come on, I want to see THE TRAIN!” yelled a young boy with dirty blond hair that matched her own.

“Hang on, Sammy. Let her take in her surroundings.” Kona’s mother Kiera, told him. The young boy was her brother, Samuel Mason III, otherwise known as Sammy. He was only seven years old and had never seen the train to Hogwarts. Neither of them have, but this trip was about her, not him.

“It’s okay to be nervous dear, but remember we are always an owl away.” Her father, Samuel Mason II, said to her with a smile. “We always have your back.”

“That’s absolutely right.” Kiera reassured and agreed. She looked at her watched and grabbed little Sammy’s hand. “We better get a move on, so you have plenty of time to get adjusted!.” The family of four rushed down the station and quickly looked for a sign that said “Platform 9 3/4”.

“I just run straight? I don’t have to say anything or do anything special?” Kona asked clutching her messenger bag nervously.

“That’s right, you got it.” Her father smiled, “Here, I will go first with your trunk.” Samuel pushed the trunk straight through the wall, disappearing behind it. Kona stood there amazed, she had rehearsed this moment over and over in her head, but being there in the moment felt so different.

Here goes nothing. Kona thought to herself as she closed her eyes and walked with cation through the wall. Opening her eyes to the sound of a train horn, she felt warm steam roll across her legs. The Hogwarts Express was breath taking and it was way better in person than it was in the books.

“Isn’t it wonderful? Real work of art if I have ever seen one.” Her father said staring at the train with a sense of nostalgia on his face. Her mother and brother appeared behind her in only mere moments.

“Promise me you’ll write me when you get settled? Not a moment sooner and not a moment later.” Kona’s mother smiled with a hint of sadness in her eyes.

“I promise, mom.” Kona embracing her mother tightly. Turning to hug her father, she told them both how much she loved them. After making several promises to write often and write in detail, she patted her brother on the head. “See you at Christmas.” He crossed his arms and scrunched his face in disgust, shoving his tongue out at her.

Kona carefully adjusted her bag and grabbed the handle of her truck. She made her way on to the steps of the train, trying hard not to look back to avoid the tears. Once adjusted in her compartment another student entered the train. Not long after it was nearly time for the train to leave and one more student entered the compartment following her trunk. 

We all leaned out the window and waved goodbye to our families. It was bittersweet, she would miss her family terribly but was excited for her new adventures. The girl across from her smiled and introduced herself as Raine Sage.

“I like your name. Mine is Kona Mason.” She said returning the smile nervously. “I am a first year, are you?”