Platform 9¾

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Leaving the old life..  Solo   Complete 

Callum stood on the platform motionless, not moving a muscle as people rushed around the station, he'd be standing a few feet away from the wall that would lead him to platform 93/, facing towards it, watching over wizards/witches head through the wall, he could only hear the mumbles of his parents beside him, thinking to himself about leaving everything he knew to go study at a school of magic, it sounded so cool in his head, 

he'd snap out of his thoughts as his mother shakes him on his shoulder, he then looked up at his mother over his shoulder and saw slight tears in her eyes "Callum, did you hear me?"  she'd say, her voice quivering as she does "Are you sure that you want to go?" Callum then turned around to face his mother as she gets onto his knees, meeting him at his level, Callum also teared up, leaning in and hugging his mother, he'd then have a few words of his own, responding to his mother as he continues to hug her "I am sure, mum, I want to be like you and dad, I will miss you both a lot." he'd remove himself from the hug with his mother, wiping the tears that'd be running down his face. 

he looked towards his father that was standing there, trying to stay strong though Callum could tell that he wasn't handling it well, walking up towards his father and giving him a hug, wrapping his arms around him, but his father would just respond with placing a hand on his shoulder "You should make your way through now, son, do not want to miss your train." he then smiled at him as Callum moved backwards, nodding his head, the tears coming back.

"Yes, dad, I have to go now, see you soon.." he turns around, and takes a deep breathe, looking to his parents one final time for a short moment, wiping his eyes once more of the tears and then grabbing hold of his luggage and running it into the wall, disappearing into Platform 93/4.


Callum Hudson | Gryffindor | First Year
Strength: 5 | Agility: 8 | Control: 7 | Stamina: 10