Platform 9¾

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Her parents were beside her when they were looking for Platform 9 ¾. Surely that wasn’t a thing. It was impossible. She then caught her parents pointing and giving her instructions in Korean to run through the brick pillar. Sun-Hi looked at them in horror. Did they really expect her to run into the wall? Knowing better than to argue with her beloved parents, she closed her eyes and ran. She didn’t want to see the impact that she knew she was going to make.

When she heard a sound that a train made, her eyes snapped open. The Korean girl looked around in confusion. ‘What in the world…? How is that even possible? Well, magic is how, but still…’ Sun-Hi thought as she heard steps behind her which told her that her parents had come through the magical barrier as well. Magic was truly everywhere. Though, she should have known that by now.

Walking closer to the trained that made a whistle sound, she saw the smoke coming from the chimney thing. As she looked at the train and its design, it looked like it was a steam train that was used back in the 1800’s. Her parents gave her hugs and kisses as her stuff got packed into the cargo area. The only thing that remained with her was her carry on.

Sun-Hi then departed her parents and climbed into the train. Once on it, she walked through, looking for an empty compartment. She wanted a spot where she could wave to her parents. After what felt like a half hour even though it was probably less, she found what she was looking for and quickly slid the door open. The Korean child then put her carry on, up onto a rack before sitting down by the window seat where she was easily able to see her parents who were smiling proudly at their daughter. She opened the window and looked at her parents.

“Saranghaeyo (I love you)!” The eleven-year-old yelled to her parents so they were able to hear her. She was lucky they were taking time out of their busy schedules to take her to the train station. Sun-Hi knew that whenever they had days off, they always spent time with her and for that she’d be forever grateful.
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This was all new and exciting for Chiara. She bounced around, with her mother, her father sadly having no time at all to be able to properly go with her to the platform. Though that pained her to know that she couldn't have both of her parents here with her, it still had been fun with her mother. She spent a good couple of hours with her mother making sure that all of her school supplies, something that certainly hadn't been an easy task. "What's Hogwarts like?" She asked her mother, bouncing excitedly as they walked.

"As I mentioned the last time you asked, you will just have to see for yourself. I do not doubt that you will have fun, dear." Her mother told her. Chiara grinned, too excited and happy to notice the exasperated look on her mother's face.

"What house were you in?" The young girl asked next.

"I was in Hufflepuff of course, as was your uncle, and your grandfather." Her mother answered with a smile.

"...My cousins are in different houses though? One's in Slytherin in fact." Chiara frowned.

"And we love her all the same, now come on, let's try to get to Platform 9 3/4 before the train comes!" Her mother told her. Chiara thought they had enough time to talk more, but before she could think of relaxing the sound of a train caused her to look around in alarm. "No, no! Come on Chiara!" her mother told her, racing through the busy station while dragging Chiara along.

They raced through a wall, spotting a large locomotive, one that looked as if it came straight from the 1800's. "So that's the train to Hogwarts?" She asked her mother. Her mother nodded. All around various kids and parents were saying their good-byes, some hugging their parents, others hugging their younger siblings. she felt slightly envious of the ones that had little sibling to hug, but wouldn't let her jealousy of them deter her from how happy and giddy she felt at the moment. "Bye mom, tell dad I love him for me." She told her mother, hugging her afterwards.

She gripped her trunk tightly and boarded the train, realizing quickly that this was the first time she had ever actually been away from her parents. She was sure to write to them daily, and visit, but somehow that wasn't the same as being in the house with them. It made her feel homesick before she had even properly left. She looked around, seeing many of the train carts already filled with students, all talking about their plans, and what school will be like for them. She looked around, hoping to find a train cart to sit in, preferably one with not a bunch of students that seemed to already be friends. She knew it would be awkward if she were to come in and sit there with them. Finally she found one with a young Korean girl in it. She smiled and sat down, looking out the window and still seeing her mother, seeing her mother seemed to have raised her spirits, She waved eagerly through the glass, watching as her mother waved back and made a silent promise to herself that she would send all the owls she could to her family, and would visit the first break she got.

As the train started moving she looked around, this was the first train she had ever been on without her parents and it felt different somehow. She turned to the girl across from her and smiled kindly at her. "Hello, I'm Chiara!" She greeted, hoping to have someone to talk to on this long trip. Talking had always calmed her down when she was nervous.

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While she looked at her parents, she heard the train whistle again, this time twice. It was a warning signal for those who were not on the train yet. If they didn’t get on, they would miss the train. Was there even another way to this Hogwarts school? She grew rather curious about it and ended up getting lost in thought. Sun-Hi had thought of broom flying was a possibility, that, or the floo powder network. Did the school she was attending to even have such thing? It was a rather curious subject and one that made her grew more inclined to learn about it.

As she stared out the window, the Korean girl heard the door open, she looked over to see a brunette that had some blonde locks in her hair and a big happy smile. It seemed the she was excited by the looks of it. Though, people could hide behind their smiles. Sun-Hi’s attention then went back to staring out the window hearing the whistle again, the last whistle. In her peripheral vision, she saw the girl waving at her mother as well.

Once the train began to move, the Korean girl waved goodbye to her parents. The movement started out slow then slowly gained speed. She felt sadness once she saw her parents fading in the distance. Reality had hit her. The eleven-year-old girl wouldn’t be able to see her parents till Christmas break and that felt like forever to her. But she knew she must persevere. It would be what her parents want. They raised her to be strong. Nodding to herself, she closed the window and sat back in her seat. It was then she heard the girl finally speak to her. She caught the name Chiara in the other girl’s excitement.

“Hello Chiara.” Sun-Hi greeted in her soft Korean accent. “My name is Sun-Hi. Soon-Hee.” She pronounced her name for the girl just in case for she knew some people called her Sun like the one in the sky then the he part. “It is nice to meet you. Are you excited to be going to Hogwarts?” For her, it was nice to have a conversation, it kept her mind off of her parents and meeting her first friend on top of that? Why wouldn’t she like that?

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This was going to be scary for the girl, how was she going to keep from feeling homesick? Was Hogwarts going to be her new home for now on? These questions swarmed in her mind for a while. Once she had introduced herself to the girl across from her she began to play with the black robes all the newcomers wore. She disliked the lack of color, but she supposed it was like when she went to muggle school and had to wear uniforms.

She stopped playing with her robes as she heard the girl speak. The girl pronounced her name, likely to make sure Chiara said it properly. "Sooon- Hee" She tried it out, hoping she said it correctly. "This is a new experience and one that involves magic! How can I not be excited?" She asked with a grin, nearly bouncing on her seat as she spoke so animatedly.

"Ooh! Sun-Hi! What house are you hoping you'll get in?" She asked the girl across from her, now getting more comfortable with her. "I want to be in Hufflepuff like my mom!" She looked up in thought, just thinking of what the sorting ceremony would be like.

"I wonder if they ever have to wash the sorting hat, like what if some kid had lice when they went to Hogwarts for the first time? Yeah, I bet they wash the hat." Chiara began to speak aloud, not liking things to be silent for too long.

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In a way the Korean girl was already feeling homesick. Yeah, she knew she was going to have to eventually go to a boarding school. Her own parents had to and they even told stories about their time in the Japanese school known as Mahoutokoro. In a way, she felt like she should have been enrolled there instead of Hogwash…. Hogwarts. But there was nothing she could do about it. Her parents had decided to move to England when she was still young and that was why she was going to the school in Scotland? Ireland?

Quietly, Sun-Hi watched as the girl named Chiara play with her robe that matched her own. Her blue eyes looked down at her own robes that she was wearing then let out a little sigh. They were bland in color and she did prefer to show her individuality. She will miss wearing various color clothing she was able to wear back when she was at home. But those days were over for the time being it seemed, unless she was able to sneak some form of color on.

When she heard the girl try pronouncing her name correctly, she chuckled softly then nodded her head. The way she held out “ooo” was funny to her, but whatever helped her. While listening to the girl’s excitement she heard Chiara’s question, but before she could answer she said she wanted to be in the same house that her mother was in: Hufflepuff. “I don’t know the different houses that in Hogwash… Hogwarts. I only know what parents told me about the school in Japan.” Sun-Hi finally answered her when she had the chance. “What are the different houses in Hogwarts?” She asked curiously wanting to know before she made it to the school they were going to.

‘The sorting hat?’ She wondered before she caught word about washing and lice. A look of disgust had appeared on her face. If a child did have lice, wouldn’t that kid get sent back home? Or was there a place where they could stay away from the rest of the kids? “What is this sorting hat you speak of?” Sun-Hi asked again. It seemed like already she was going to be learning a lot.

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Chiara stared in amazement before a large grin spread across her face. Finally she had a chance to help someone get accustomed to Hogwarts! "Hogwarts is this big castle school that is located in... Scotland. It has four houses in it all located in different parts of the school. There's Gryffindor that is in a tower. It's known as the brave and strong house, or something. According to my mom it's known for it's bravery. Next we have Slytherin! They're placed in the dungeon and have more cunning and ambitious traits! Of course there's a lot of cool people in the house as well! Ravenclaw is I'm pretty sure in a tower as well and it is known for its smart and knowledge driven members, actually don't quote me on that one I don't remember what that house is like." Chiara paused, hoping the other girl was listening before she continued.

"Finally we have Hufflepuff! It's in kitchen and is filled with kind and amazing people! " She finished, giggling as she thought of the house she yearned to be in. "What was school like where you were from?" She asked while swinging her legs back and forth.

Once the girl appeared confused about the sorting hat, the blond girl nodded. "The sorting hat is this super old talking hat that is in Hogwarts! According to my mom it's it's been around since even before she went to school!" She explained, her hands waving around as she spoke.

Another round of silence hit and Chiara went back to looking around, trying to think of what else to talk about. She knew she changed her conversation topics pretty fast, but she had always been like that, in fact it was one of the many quirks she seemed to have.

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As she watched Chiara stare at her in what looked like surprise or amazement, she didn’t know, before the girl grinned which in a way kind of scared her. Was it just her, or were all the wizarding/witchcraft schools end up being a castle? Thanks to the overly excited girl, Sun-Hi found out that the castle was indeed located in Scotland. At lease she got the location sort of correct. While she was listing through the houses and describing them, one had really popped out to her. Gryffindor. That was the house that was probably most fitting for her. It was that or Slytherin, though, she wasn’t really cunning. But that did not mean she didn’t have ambition. Calmly, the Korean girl, continued to listen to Chiara wanting to learn as much as she could in a short amount of time. At least it felt like it was going to be a short train ride.

The way she described the house she wanted to be in, her eyes widened a bit. ‘Maybe they should call the house where the over excited go.’ Sun-Hi thought as she put on a smile and nodded her head to make the girl feel good about her little lesson. When the hyper girl asked about the Japanese school, a genuine smile appeared on her face. “Mahoutokoro is an ornate palace. If you know what a pagoda looks like, that is what it resembles.” Sun-Hi informed. “From what my parents told me; they are strict at that school. If you know what Asian schools are like then you can picture that school. They are also amazing at Quidditch and do hard training. They don’t play around.” Sadly, she didn’t know what the houses were or even if they had different houses. Maybe they didn’t since every student had the same exact uniform.

Once the girl started talking again, Sun-Hi remained quiet as she listened. It was amazing how much this girl knew about the school already! Though, at the same time it didn’t surprise her when her mother went to the same school back in her days. “How is the magic in the hat not worn out yet?” Even she knew sometimes depending how strong the spell was, that it would wear out.

It seemed that the girl ran out of things to say when she got quiet. As Sun-Hi looked out the window, she watched as the scene passed and heard the train make the chugga chugga sound. In a way Chiara scared her but at the same time, she enjoyed the company she provided.