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Goodbye Father  Single   Finished 

Oriel was nervous about leaving home to go to this random magical school but it seemed he had to. It wasn't planned, of course, but it was also a joyous occasion. His father was proud that this young boy was magical, especially since he was himself.

So many other people rushed around the station, both muggles and wizards/witches. The young boy could point out the many kids who were clearly off to Hogwarts because of their pets and how much supplies they had. Some were not first years and were wearing their uniform which he thought was a tad strange because they weren't at school yet.

His father spoke up, voice quivering slightly. "Alright my boy, remember what I told you. Stay strong and don't let anything get in between you and that girl, alright?" Oriel's sweet voice nodded furiously. "Yes, dad, I remember. I will tell her all about you, too." The young lad's father nodded in approval.

For any people who may have been listening, the 'girl' is actually his new found cousin. Apparently she's been living in Hogwarts for a while now and before that on the streets. Oriel felt slightly bad for one, being completely clueless that he had more family that was around his age and two, not being able to help her through the years she was unknown to the two boys.

"Love ya, dad, I've gotta go now."

Oriel leaned in and gave his father a large hug before running off to the platform. He inhaled sharply, looked around at the others and nodded finally. The young boy shoved his luggage forward and ran into the wall, seemingly being devoured by it.

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