Platform 9¾

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Whistles and Welcomes  Closed 

"Alright we're looking for Platform 9 3/4," said Fenix's tall, handsome father beneath his coal black beard and ice blue eyes. His athletic build was well complimented by his black velvet suit and well groomed appearance.

"93/4? Lincoln, are you sure? I've been to King's Cross several times and I've never seen a Platform 93/4 ," replied Fenix's petite, ashen haired, muggle mother whose small frame was nearly comical next to Fenix's tall father. She wore a black half jacket over a short, flowing blue frock and black ballet flats. 

"Charlotte, my darling, do you remember how we got into Diagon Alley?" Fenix's father said as they approached the wall between platforms nine and ten. "So we're going to open another wall? But aren't there a bit too many people here to be moving entire walls?" Charlotte asked confused."Well we're not really going to be moving the wall at all this time," Lincoln chuckled to himself. 

"What?" asked Fenix who had been trailing behind as his father lead the way to the platform. "C'mere, lad," Fenix's father said as he motioned for Fenix to join him  before the wall, "Right. Now what you want to do is take your trunk and just push it right on through." Fenix gave his father a questioning look and then looked at the wall. "Right, your mother and I will go first if you're nervous. Show you how it's done, eh?" Lincoln said as he took Charlotte by the shoulders and walked her through to Platform 93/4. Fenix took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and walked through the wall.

Fenix opened his eyes to see a shiny red steam engine very clearly labeled The Hogwarts Express in fine black lettering beneath the conductor's window. The Platform was buzzing with nervous first years hugging their parents and excited older students seeing friends they've missed all summer. Fenix followed his father to get his trunk loaded onto train.

"Alright, you remember to write us, okay? And remember that no matter what house you are placed in, we love you and we're proud of you," Charlotte said, her voice like a soft summer's rain. Fenix nodded at her and she pulled him in for a hug.

"If you don't get Hufflepuff, I want your first letter to tell us what the common room looks like," Lincoln said with a chuckle. He placed a strong hand on Fenix's shoulder, "You are going to have the time of your life there. You'll have so many friends you may not even remember to write us at all!" his father said with a wink. 

The whistle blew indicating that the train would be leaving so Fenix and his parents said their farewells and he stepped onto the train to find a compartment. The first compartment he tried seemed to be filled with a lot of older students that didn't seem too interested in sharing their compartment with him. Eventually Fenix found an empty compartment and sat by the window as the train began to pull out of the station.

He watched as the train began to pass through London and venture out into the countryside, wondering what new experiences this new school will bring...
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