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"Come along now Livius, we don't want to be late!" His mother was always one for punctuality, and he knew the type of mood she would get into if he dallied for too long.

"I'm coming, just had to grab my gear!" Picking up the bag that carried his drawing equipment, he ran down the stairs and grabbed the piece of toast on the counter. Stuffing the slightly burnt bread into his mouth, he stepped in front of the fireplace of Grimstone Acres and waited for his parents to arrive. The food did little to ease the nervousness in his stomach, but hopefully that would subside soon. He didn't want anything to ruin the trip.

From the kitchen, his parents appeared wearing the muggle clothing they had bought from their last London trip. "I swear, I don't know how they move in these damned constraints. I feel like I've been rolled in a carpet." His father was of course overreacting to the simple pair of slacks and collared shirt, that may have been a tad small for him. His mother wore a simple green dress with white flowers at the bottom. "Oh hush yourself Zacharias, it's not that bad. You only need to wear it for no more than an hour. Now quit yapping and get the powder."

Livius chuckled as his dad sullenly went to the nearby drawer and pulled out the Floo Powder. He had traveled this way before, but only seldom on trips to visit distant relatives. He still wasn't quite used to the feeling of it, which only really added to unsettling his stomach.

"Right, now Livius, don't forget to speak clearly. Don't want you ending up in some dark foreboding place would we?" His father wriggled his fingers at Livius in an attempt to be spooky, but it only made Livius smile. His dad was such a dunce sometimes. With that, he watched his dad step into the fireplace and say his sister's name(she lived in London), and disappear. He went next, clutching his bag close and breathing out deeply. "Adeline's place!" His Aunt liked to keep things simple, so that name in the network would suffice.

Appearing in a home with bright yellow walls and birdcages scattered all around the room, each filled with a different type of bird, most of which he wouldn't be able to pronounce. That was when he knew he had made it to the right place. Well that, and the fact that his dad was staring him full in the face when he arrived. Just behind was his mother, carrying the rest of the luggage that her husband wasn't able to.

"Right, we'd best be off," said his dad. "Adeline is at work, and you know she hates guests in her house when she's not home. Jackie, would you get out the muggle money? You know I've terrible memory when it comes to remembering what adds up to what."

They didn't waste any time as they exited the home and hailed the nearest taxi. King's Cross was the destination and the taxi man commented on the large number of people taking the train today. "Aye, s'bout a hundred people I've dropped off today. Some new school open up I reckon? Not from round here you see."

The man was nice, and chatted up the family all the way to the station. After handing him the money, they departed and raced inside to the archway connecting nine and ten. "Alright Livius, just walk straight at the wall and you'll be through. Best not to hesitate and get stuck now." He nodded in answer to his father and grabbed his luggage cart.

"Remember dear, do what you're told and try to stay out of trouble won't you?" said his mother. "I don't want to hear any nonsense about you causing any problems." He nodded again, too eager to rush off onto the platform to reply. "Also, while you're there make sure you pick your friends carefully. Your time there will be reflected by those you choose to keep around you. Remember that." With that she kissed him on the cheek and ushered him off, and he ran full speed at the wall and finally onto the platform.

The Express looked magnificent, large and vibrant. There was no telling just how many people it housed. Swallowing the lump in his throat, Livius grinned and stowed away all of his luggage except his bag of art supplies and took his first step on the train. He was ready. He hoped everyone else was ready for him.
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