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Is this seat taken?  PV   For Aurelia   Closed 

Inhale. The little girl could feel her mother’s gaze on the back of her shoulder, bearing into her. Exhale. Turning around, with pursed lips she forced a smile, which her mother mirrored. “Well, I guess I better try and find a seat. I’m sure most compartments are already full,” Blaire said as she readjusted her book bag’s strap once more, moving it from one shoulder to the other. “Couldn’t you have sat with your sister?” Her mother knew the answer before her question had even left her lips. Blaire had never felt a ‘sister-ly bond’ with either of her elder siblings. She had grown to live with this. “Right, well I will see you once the years over. Have a good rest of term.” Quickly her mother planted a kiss on her daughter’s forehead, then turned on her heel and vanished into the sea of bodies.

Blaire made her way onto the Hogwarts Express, clinging onto her bag. Her eyes scanned the hallway as children rushed by her, spilling in and out of compartments. Just as she figured, most were already full. Everyone who had gone home for the holidays was now returning to Hogwarts to finish out the school year. Most everyone seemed cheery, still joyful from their break from classes. Most everyone, except Blaire.

Her holiday had been spent in the usual fashion. Shut up in her room for most of it, trying to escape the ever-judgmental stares from her mother. Her father paid her no attention, but this was nothing new. Her oldest sister hadn’t come home this year, her husband had been too busy with work for them to take time off to travel. And Blaire’s other sister spent her break with their parents, bragging about this-and-that. Blaire was used to it all at this point. There was no use in trying to change things, it never seemed to help. The one night Blaire had tried to bring up the fact that she was actually enjoying her time in Slytherin her mother had actually laughed. “No one with any real intelligence comes out of that house.” Her parents had both been in Ravenclaw. And so had both her sister’s. On her mother’s side everyone had been sorted into Ravenclaw. Well, except for a cousin, twice removed, but her mother didn’t count him. To her parent’s this was just another thing their youngest daughter did on purpose to be nothing more than a nuisance in their life. “Why can’t you be more like your sisters? Why do you have to put so much stress on your mother?” This is one of the few conversations Blaire had had with her father over the winter break.

Leaning against the wall, she let a gaggle of giggling Ravenclaw’s pass her, her eyes darting to the floor. Blaire still didn’t understand why of all houses, she had been sorted into Slytherin. Yes, she had her moments where she could be conniving, so she got her way. But didn’t all eleven-year old’s? And yes, she did tend to lash out when she let her temper get the best of her. But did that make her Slytherin material? These were questions she could have gone to her sisters with, if only they had that type of relationship. But they didn’t. And they probably never would.

Blaire was almost towards the last compartment, and she still hadn’t found one with an open seat. At this point Blaire would have to plop down right here for the journey to Hogwarts. Maybe if Blaire had made more friends, she could have asked one to save a seat for her. But instead Blaire had spent half the year with her nose buried in a book. She had taken a liking to the large library inside Hogwarts. Back home, the local library was filled with books containing nothing more than stories about muggles and their histories. Blaire had read as many books as she could get her hands on lately. When she started a new book, it was like starting a new adventure. Maybe, if she was more like the witch’s and wizard’s in her books she wouldn’t be without a seat on this train.

Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear she peered into an almost empty compartment. Finally. Blaire pulled on the door and stepped inside, bringing her gaze to the other student. “Pardon me, is this seat taken?” Without waiting for a reply Blaire dropped her bag and plopped down on the seat closest to the door. Once she was settled, she glanced over at the other girl finally. Blaire recognized her, only from in-passing though. This girl was older than Blaire, and surely, she didn’t want to spend her whole trip back to school with some lonely first year, who didn’t even have a single friend to share a seat with. Blaire cleared her throat, starring down at her shoes awkwardly. She picked at the skin on the side of her fingernails, hoping she wouldn’t have to make another trip out into the hallway.
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Is this seat taken?  PV   For Aurelia   Closed 

Aurelia hadn’t had much fun for the entire winter break. Even though it had been already a week, the metal which put painful pressure on her teeth still felt foreign. Of all he delicious Christmas foods, Aurelia was only able to bite through limited few and it was the reason why she hadn’t enjoyed the chilly holiday. Who knew having your teeth slowly shifted into shape would involve so much sacrifice.

As usual, her mother had apparated her down to Daigonalley before disappearing once again to work. Thellea, though she loved her daughter with all her heart was a very busy person. Aurelia had to make her way down to platform 93/4. Having travelled back and forth from Hogwarts to the platform to and fro, Aurelia need not ask any stranger directions like how she used to a year ago.

15 minutes later, Aurelia had crossed the magical brick wall and there in front of her was the same old train of the Hogwarts express. She was early, early by 5 minutes. That meant that most of the comments had available space. The girl quickly found one, pulling her trunk in, she smoothed the back of her skirt down before sitting.

Unfortunately, her peace and quiet was quickly interrupted with a knock on the compartment door. Before she could answer, the door slid open revealing a shorter brunette girl. However, as soon was she made eye contact, Aurelia diverted her gaze away. Blue. Blue were the color of her brother’s eyes. The last thing she wanted on the 5 hours long trip was to have another session of an anxiety attack and sobbing tears. Blue eyes reminded her too much of him, gave her to many anecdotes and flashbacks.

The Gryffindor shook her head slightly, answering the girl’s question. But as she did, her brown hair fell to the side revealing the ugly scar on her neck. She must have looked unwelcoming but it was just her instinct to avoid any blue eyed gaze.

The other girl looked down at her feet, she was a younger year and Aurelia probbaly looked very intimidating. With quite a big reputation as a writer of Gryffindor, Aurelia could let any first year go around the castle telling her peers how she was scary. “If you’re wondering, the name is Aurelia, Aurelia Bezuidenhout.” She said mustering a smile and focusing on the girl’s forehead instead.

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Is this seat taken?  PV   For Aurelia   Closed 

”Blaire, Blaire Newton.” She said, giving a small grin, the corner of her lip raising ever so slightly. She swept her gaze over her fellow compartment companion. Her facial expression didn’t give off the appearance of her having any apprehension towards Blaire sitting here. She knew what it was like to enjoy one’s own private time. But as much as Blaire did enjoy spending time alone, it was nice to hear someone’s voice aside from her own. The one inside Blaire’s head never seemed to shut up lately.

Realizing that this would be where she sat for the remainder of her journey, she slid her book bag from her shoulder, letting it slump onto the floor between her feet. Closing her eyes, she brought her hands up to her temples and slowly rubbed in a circular motion. This mornings actions had left her with a migraine. She could feel it slowly seep away though as the train lurched forward, leaving her mother behind.

Opening her eyes, she glanced out the window, watching the scenery slowly change outside. Glancing back down at her shoes, she tucked her leg underneath her on the seat, letting the other foot dangle, her shoe barely touching the ground. Blaire had never been good at small talk before. She didn’t get much practice at home with her family, they tended to keep to themselves. Everyone seemed to have a life of their own, which didn’t include her. Raising her head ever so slightly she flicked her eyes back towards Aurelia. ”You’re in Gryffindor, right?” Could she sound any more lame?

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“No colors anymore I want them to turn black"
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