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"Aspen... you'll remember to write, won't you?" My dad says for the umpteenth time.

"Yes Dad I will, I promise!" I respond, hugging him tightly around the stomach. If he thinks that I'm going to forget about him just because I'm going to a boarding school is not smart of him.

"See you at Christmas!" I say as Dad hugs me once more and walks off to find the car.

Okay, what's my platform again? I think as I look down at my ticket. Nine and... three quarters?! What... Okay Aspen, use your head... If there is a platform nine and three quarters, it would be three quarters between nine and ten, right? Okay, so let's go there.

I walk to platform nine and I look for an extra platform. I don't find one. I huff a little bit and sit on a nearby bench.

It was a hoax. I think. Somebody's playing a massive prank on me. I bet they're watching me and laughing right now.

There was someone laughing, but not at me, I come to realize. It was a girl and her mother joking about something or other. I'm watching them approach the wall in-between platforms nine and ten, and they just walk right through the bricks.

What?! I get up from my bench and go over to the wall. I slowly stick my hand out as I walk closer and closer to the wall. My hand starts to disappear and I gasp.

"This is crazy!"

"I know right?" Somebody says behind me.
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Millicent was having a rough morning. Her Mother was late in getting her up, then she was made to sit down and eat breakfast whichmade her even later. She knows her mother is excited but she is going to be made late because of her.

Her mother Roselyn left her at home while she flooed away crying about her baby being grown up. Her Grandfather on the other hand was working internationally which means he missed her big day as well. She was going to Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardary, which is the best school in the world. So Millicent was alone for the day, until of course she got on the Hogwarts Express, where hopefully she would make friends. She was definitely looking forward to it. Aira, her older squib sister, would have come with but she didnt want to be reminded of what she can't do. While her younger siblings, the twins Alex and Alice, didn't come because they went with Grandfather Franklyn to work.

Millicent hailed the Knight Bus, a wizarding transport her mother told her about, to the Platform. As i was walking to the Platforms 9 and 10, when she spotted a girl in front of her standing in front of it.

"This is crazy!"

"I know right?"

"Millicent Royale at your service." She does a bit of curtsey. "You're standing in front of Platform and 9 3/4. " Millicent giggles.
"But if you coukd call me friends call me that," She mumbles quietly, not knowing you can hear, " if i had friends... "

Millicent Jaquin Royale
Milli Royale

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Tina walked slowly with her parents in silence as they passed multiple platforms. She took a glance at her mother, who had a sad glimmer in her eyes. When she took a peek at her father, she saw the look of great pain and a tear rolling down his eye. She wasn’t sure what to do to make them smile or laugh. She had to end their misery.

“What house do you think I’ll get in?” She asked, knowing it would spark debate between her parents.

“You’re hardworking and kind like your mother. There’s no doubt you’ll end up in Hufflepuff,” her father declared with a hint of pride.

“I think you’ve mistaken hard work with ambition, sweetie. She has the drive to live up to your Slytherin legacy,” her mother replies with a challenging tone.

“Perhaps we should make a bet.” Tina says enthusiastically. “If I get into Hufflepuff, Dad gets to choose where we go for the summer. If I get into Slytherin, Mom gets to choose. However, if I get into neither, I’ll choose where we go.

“Deal,” my parents say in unison. They were both grinning, which brought Tina great joy.

The happy aura disappears as platform 9 ¾ came into view. They share a lingering group hug before giving Tina her huge gray and black striped backpack and her red suitcase. They had agreed not to cross the platform with her since they didn’t want to see her go on the train.

“Don’t forget to write,” her father said quietly, holding back tears.

“And make some friends that aren’t animals,” her mother teased, trying to maintain a happy face. She knew she had already made a human friend when shopping in Diagon Alley for supplies.

She nodded before approaching the two girls at platform 9 ¾. They seemed friendly.

“Aren’t you excited for Hogwarts? What are you waiting for?” She asked, with a small smile on her face. She crossed the barrier and turned to see if the other two girls would follow.
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Siobhan checked her list again. "Do you have everything?" her dad asked her, and she nodded slowly checking over her trolley, "Because I don't know how to send what you forget to this newfangled school of yours."

"I've got it Dad," she says, tucking the list into her jacket pocket, "And i believe from mom's letters she said you could send it via owl?" Her dad raised his eyebrow, and she knew she was never going to get a letter delivered from an owl from her father. It was just too weird in his mind. Weird for hers too.

'I wish Mom was here,' she thought to herself sullenly as she steered herself between platforms 9 and 10. Her mom had went off to war, and hadn't returned, though some letters had when she turned eleven. "So i just...rush through?" she asked her dad. Her dad nodded, then worried, "Maybe take it slow?"

"Alright," she grabbed her younger brother and set him on top of the trolley. "You ready for an adventure Evan?" she asked. "Of course," he said indignantly, "I'm only a year younger than you." She smiled, "Of course." Taking a deep breath she ventured forwards, Kings Cross stripping away into another world, complete with a beautiful red train. Here, children bickered with parents, luggage was boarded, and the children, complete with goodbyes, left their parents.

"Woah, Dad, look at this," she breathed, not daring to take her eyes away.

"It's magic," he breathed, and she saw that he had the same look of awe being replicated on his face, "Just like your mother, it's absolutely magic."

Hurrying out of the way of the others coming through the portal, they made a beeline to put her luggage on the train. As she was walking over there she saw three girls standing somewhat near to each other. 'Maybe i'll make some friends?' she thought and her mood brightened significantly.

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I think the other two people are inactive. If you would like to continue this rp, meet me in this thread here. It's open.

After waiting for a couple of minutes, Tina felt as though the other girls weren't coming out any time soon. Was it something she had said or done? Did she make them feel bad? As she looked around the platform, she saw many students saying goodbye to their parents. I wish my parents were here, she thought. She knew they didn't want to watch her go, but she felt that every moment spent together would mean something. Now all she could think of was one more hug, one more look, or even one word to say to each other. She held back the tears as her eyes became misty with water. That's when she noticed a girl with a little boy on her trolley. She thought it was really cute to let them ride it it as she moved it towards the train. She wanted to approach the girl, but she knew she would be unable to speak. She knew she didn't have the courage to walk up to a random person and start a conversation. Maybe her time at Hogwarts will make her more outgoing towards people. She walked briskly towards the train, not wanting to be miss the first part of her own Hogwarts adventure.

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Joey had been excitedly jumping around for the whole day, or for the whole week really. The day before she had to go to Hogwarts she had checked her list for the umpteenth time and made sure she had everything she needed, while her mother smiled wistfully at her from her bedroom door and her father cooked lunch. Then she had checked it again before dinner and her parents swapped positions.
She pushed the trolley towards the platform 9¾, as she had made her parents explain how to do so on several occasions. Her mother's hand kept rubbing her back softly, as much for Joey's comfort as for her own and her dad smirked playfully behind them.
As her feet landed on the platform a huge smile overtook her face and she rushed towards the train to see it up close, her parents amusedly following her.
As she turned around she saw a young girl her age in the crowd, her face looking sad and her eyes shiny with unshed tears. Completely forgetting about her trolley, she walked cautiously towards the young girl, receiving curious looks from her parents she didn't even notice. Once she was standing in front of the girl she looked at her with the sweetest smile.
"Are you okay?" She asked "You just seem really sad. I don't really know anyone here, if you're alone we could sit together on the train?" she offered shyly.

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Nova walked along her sister’s side,Camile,because she knew exactly where they had to go.She had beeen waiting for this day for almost a month,because the moment her letter to hogwarts had arrived,she had began to pack almost instantly.She had always wanted to go with her sister to hogwarts,she said it was an amazing magical place where you could learn to become a fanastic witch or wizard.All those stories she told them made her even more eager to get on the train as soon as possible.

She would miss her family of course,she knew it would be a whole year before she could see her mother and brother again,but she could still send them letters every single day if she wanted to.Her little owl-Jako- was flying back and forth around the stations they passed,and Nova couldn’t help but laugh.He looked so adorable cooing and flying everywhere-it was very difficult to not notice him.

They kept walking for some time,looking around and making small conversation.Her sister,at last stopped close to a wall and turned around calmly “We’re here”,she said standing aside,Nova could see some girls speaking close by,but didn’t go and speak to them at first.She hugged her mother tightly and then her little brother.”Come here Jako”,Nova said snickering as he came back and landed on her head.She petted him sweetly and waved at her mother “Take care of her Camile”,her mother told her sister “Don’t get in trouble alright?”,she said,and Nova nodded.

When her mother left,her sister guided her towards the station,which seemed to be unexistent,but she supposed if they had an invisible door that led to a small chamber their mother didn’t know about,where they’d sneak all the candies-that way,her mother would never find the candies,and when questioned,she would tell her mother to check her room and never discovered where they had gone.With that said,she was sure that the wall led to the train,the Hogwarts Express.She looked around once more,her sister close by talking to her good friend Brook,who Nova was in good terms with.

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