Platform 9¾

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New Beginnings  PV Axel Miller   Closed 

Alexa stood alone at the platform, watching as the time started to tick down on the clock hung above her soon she would board the train which would take her to her home for the next 5 years, as more people started to arrive flooding the platform she grew more anxious "Where is he" She mumbled under her breath as she waited for her accomplice to arrive.

As the time pasted on Alexa started to pace back and forth on the cold stone Hes late, of course just my luck she sighed as she walked over to take a seat on a bench, pushing her trolly with her. as she sat down she pulled out a small book and started to read, she must have sat there alone for at least 10 minutes before giving in and made her way into the sea of people to check if he had gotten lost in there, the sound of everyone talking over top of each other was overwhelming, drowning her voice out when she tried to call out. as she started to make her way out of the crowd she was meet with a loud screeching nose making her jump in her tracks, as the train stopped she started to make her way through the students and families to the train, she looked back one last time and was greeted with a boy running straight for her
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