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Lara helped the new boy stash his trunk. It was definitely a fair bit heavier than hers, which surprised her, but then again, she’d packed rather sparingly. She’d only really brought the absolute necessities, figuring that if anything came up, her father could always mail her what she needed. After all, Lara really only had two important possessions: her mother’s necklace, which glinted green around her neck, and her broom, which had been handed down to her from her brother, and which she hadn’t been allowed to bring.

Yeah, Beauxbaton’s the French school,” she told Arthur, nodding. “My mum and her family lived in France. She really wanted me and my siblings to go there instead of to Hogwarts, but my grandparents wouldn’t let it happen.” She tilted her head, thinking about what she knew. Her mother had spoken fondly, and often, of her school - but it had been four years, now, and Lara couldn’t remember nearly all of it.

She said it was stunning. Way fancier than Hogwarts in the Palace, and with super pretty grounds and stuff, too. They have big, elegant horse-drawn carriages and stuff, and the Headmistress is like, a giant or something. Plus, they have a nicer uniform than us. Their robes are made of silk.

She realized, after she’d spoken, that she’d completely forgotten to introduce herself to the green-eyed boy. Her cheeks flushed. She held out her hand toward him to shake, hoping he didn’t already think her rude.

I’m Lara, by the way,” she said. “Lara Youngblood. What’s your name?

Hearing Emma describe the Sorting Hat made Lara… Uneasy? Nervous? She wasn’t sure. Nobody had ever told her that the Hat was old or wrinkly, or made it sound so… Invasive. Suddenly, she wasn’t looking forward to their arrival quite as much.

Is it really that bad?” she asked Emma, only a hint of anxiety colouring her words. Did it really matter, though? Even if it was terrible, it would only last a minute or two, and then she’d never have to endure it again. It was like getting her ears pierced. It had been a sharp pinch, even though Madeleine had claimed that she ‘wouldn’t feel a thing’, and then it had stung for a few minutes before fading into an unpleasant memory. And then her dad had yelled at Madeleine for doing it without permission, which had been equal parts funny and upsetting.

My dad works at Gringotts,” Lara answered Arthur. “My oldest brother’s a crisis Healer, and my second-oldest brother is a journalist.

Early Bird Gets the.. Empty Compartment  Closed 

The three were bound to be friends, they already had something in common. Blood status, house preference, and their punctual behavior, but she couldn't promise if be all the time. This time she had gotten lucky to have met a few friendly people aboard the train.

Beauxbaton. She adjusted her seating position. That name rung a bell. She had never intended to attend Hogwarts, the school known for its outlandish events. She didn't mind wearing those blue silk robes, but still, it made her wonder how life would be at Hogwarts. Were the students so cultured that they had exactly no enemies? There was no denying she still wanted to catch a glimpse at the school. Still, they didn't need to know that, in fact, no one needed to know that at Hogwarts.

Switching the subject to the task of their parents she relaxed. Slightly. "My dad studies dragons around the continent, and my mom is a general manager." She was still unsure as to what the difference was between a manager and a general manger, it'd have to wait till the summer. There was no book about the jobs of Muggles, well, at least she thought.

Emma then turned her head to Lara, and honestly she had a problem with sugar coating the actual truth. What if the three got to the ceremony and it was much worse (or better) than she had told them? "Best advice I can give you: Don't speak out loud, try to control your heart beat, and don't look at the four tables. Just pretend its a normal hat and you're alone." Was there anything she had left out? She paused for a minute, seeing that she had the floor. "I guess all I can tell you is that your heart is going to rush and just hope you aren't first." She smiled, thankful she didn't have to sorry once more.

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Early Bird Gets the.. Empty Compartment  Closed 

"Wow. Interesting," he said, genuinely curious to hear Lara's description of the French wizarding school. Hearing his siblings describe Durmstrang, it sounded so different from what he'd heard of Hogwarts so far. It was interesting how greatly they varied from place to place. At first he'd wondered if a singular 'magic culture' would supercede country identity, but it seemed not. That's good, he thought. It meant that the were parts of your identity that you could share outside of whether or not you were born in the magical world.

He lifted a hand to the boy who had come in late, now that his bag was stowed, and waved. "I'm Arthur. Morgan," he added, to Lara's introduction. "We were just talking about the school houses and the sorting ceremony. Do you have any preference of where you end up?" he said, to give a little context.

Shifting in his seat, Arthur perked up visibly and became more animated when Lara mentioned her brother was a trauma healer. He'd never heard that exact term before, but he could infer from context and assumed that it was something like the magical equivalent of either a trauma surgeon or a paramedic. "Oh! My mum's an ER nurse, so kind of similar!" he said. "Well, minus the magic of course."

Her father, she said, worked at Gringotts. That's the bank, right? He almost asked, but he realized he'd been asking a lot of obvious questions. Or at least, questions the three of them must think are obvious. In any case, was pretty sure it was the bank. "Cool. For what paper?" he asked about her brother instead. Not that he would be likely to know it, but he could always look it up later, and it works be cool to know so he could keep an eye out for any articles by him. "Wow, dragons? For real?" he asked, impressed. All this stuff sounded so made up. Like things children would say when they're playing pretend. It was so hard for him to believe that it was all real. At some point he should probably explain that despite his wizard father, he was raised predominantly by a muggle. But until then, he just hoped that he didn't come off as too clueless.

The rest of the car quieted as Emma began to describe again the Sorting Ceremony that they would all soon go through. "Best advice I can give you: Don't speak out loud, try to control your heart beat, and don't look at the four tables. Just pretend its a normal hat and you're alone."

Arthur mulled over the advice she'd given them for a moment. It sounded nerve wracking, but he was pretty sure he could handle all that. Just close your eyes, and pretend you're alone, he thought to himself. And just hope you aren't first, she'd said. He tilted his head curiously. "Do they do it alphabetically?" he wondered out loud, mostly to himself, though Emma would probably know the answer. He turned to the others and shrugged. "If so, I'm probably safe with Morgan." Youngblood for sure wouldn't be picked first, if that was the case, though she might be in trouble if they did reverse alphabetical for some reason. With a name that was comfortably in the middle, he would probably be safe either way. If they went alphabetically by first name though...

But however it was going to happen, there was nothing they could do about it now by worrying. So instead, he turned his attention back to the prior, somewhat lighter, subject. "Have you ever seen a dragon in person?" he asked. The question was directed at Emma, though it stood for anyone. "Do they look the same as they're described?"

The order got a little confused, so I'm not sure who is next.. I guess I'll just go. :sweatingbullets: