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Compartment 6  Closed 

Lucy takes in a deep breath not wanting to hurt lilias as she pointed her wand at her. Quietly reciting the spell in her head.


Lucy cried out slightly.

Compartment 6  Closed 

   Lilias heard the cry and dropped her wand.
   "L-Lucy! Arrre youu ok-k-kkay?!" 
   Lilias rushed to her new friend, thinking the spell backfired and hurt her.

Lilias Watson, the girl that is the flower

Compartment 6  Closed 

Lucy chuckled nervously.

"Yeah, it just spooked me though."

She said laughing nervously rubbing the back of her head. Glancing at lilias smiling happily at her friend. Giving her a reasurring smile. 

"Guess, i should be more careful."

Compartment 6  Closed 

   Lilias pulled Lucy into a tight hug. She had been so worried for her new friend.
   "Bee carr-reful!"
   She practically sobbed into her hair. She pulled back and retrieved her wand.

Lilias Watson, the girl that is the flower

Compartment 6  Closed 

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Compartment 6  Closed 

Lucy looked at lilias kindly her chocolate brown eyes sparkling slightly. As she wrapped her tan arms around Lilias smiling ear to ear.  Her heart felt happy knowing she met a kind hearted friend like lilias. The young muggle born girl was exicted to try and make more friends like lilias. She felt like if everyone was like her new friend. Than the world would be a lot easier to handle.

"It is alright lilias. Everything is fine it was just a sudden surprise that is all." 

Lucy softly said smiling at the young ginger haired girl in front of her. Her eyes showing warmth and happiness. Lucy kept thinking to herself quietly. She barely knew anything about the wizarding world while lilias must have known more  than she ever did. As Lucy was debating on what to say she grew a toothy grin. 

"Lilias do you know anything about Hogwarts? I mean i read about it in Hogwarts a History. But it still seems slightly new and strange to me. You know since this is all new and strange to me!"

Lucy happily asked showing her toothy grin. Her mind seemed to race as she kept thinking about everthing that has happened so far. 

Compartment 6  Closed 

(200+ words please kkthx!)

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Compartment 6  Closed 

   Lilias took a seat next to her new friend. She had her about Hogwarts. Lilias knew a lot but only because everyone had told her stories. Most of them had been about pulling pranks and getting away with them, but a few were about professors.
   "Don't-n't geee-et-et Prrrofessor Alllbav-vvv-vor. SSShhhe's praaactically evil." 
   Lilias thought about anything else that may be of use to the new witch. 
   "I-It's verrry big b-bu-bu-b-bbbut you'llll learnn it all quiccckklyyy."
   She smiled at her friend and pulled out a map. It was yellowed and blank on every single inch of it.
   "I-I wasss tolllld i-ii-it's only a-aa cop-pp-py but ittt stillllll works. P-PPlacee the t-t-tt-ttttip of yourrr wand onnn it and saay 'I-I solllemnllly sweear thhhat I amm u-uuu-uup to nnnnnno good.' I can't-n't spppeak it cllearlly ennnough for it ttto work-kk-k."

Lilias Watson, the girl that is the flower

Compartment 6  Closed 

Lucy stared at the parchment quietly a grin spreading across her tan face. Her eyes sparkled with mischief as she pointed the tip of her wand on the map.

"I solemnly swear that i am up to no good."

Lucy said proudly grinning as the map started to appear as it was writing on it self. Lucys eyes widen slightly im surprise feeling  over joyed and exited. Glancing at Lilias Than back at the map. Lucy quietly thought to herself. Her brain was on over drive as she read the name of the professors who where already at Hogwarts. The young girl glanced up at her new founded friend grinning from ear to ear. 

"This means we know where everyone is correct? It would help us out greatly for our master pranks!" 

Lucy exclaimed her heart racing while her mind was spinning with fun, crazy pranks to pull. Thwn she thought about the Hogwarts houses, she knows about the four Gryffindor, Slytherin, hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. Glancing at Lilias curiously her chocolate brown eyes lighting up in exictement. Leaning forwards more her dark brown hair surrounding her face. As a toothy grin popped on her face. 

"What are the houses like? I have read about them they all seem interesting"

Compartment 6  Closed 

   "It mmmmostly d-de-depends on whattt you vall-lllue, but th-th-there's Huffffflepuff, S-SSS-Slytherin, Gryffinnnndor, and Ravenclawww. My moth-ther was a Gryffffindor and myyy fatherrr-er-er was a Ravenclaaa-aw."
   Lilias looked down at the map. Most of the professors were in classrooms, but the headmaster was in the Great Hall. He was most likely preparing for the arrival of all of the students. 
   "A-AAbove the tabbb-bbles are th-thh-tthhousands of cannndles. LLL-LLike a whhhole ssea of them."

Lilias Watson, the girl that is the flower

Compartment 6  Closed 

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Compartment 6  Closed 

OC: I would like to remind you that the word count expectation for this site is 200 words per RP post. Please edit your posts in the next 2 days otherwise this thread will be closed. 

Remember you are traveling on a magical train to an exciting destination where you are about to embark on an academic and magical adventure away from home for potentially the first time. This is a great character developing moment, talk about who you were, who you are and who you hope to be. Your excitement and your trepidation as you start this journey. Give players cues to work off of, how are you sitting, what expression do you have on your face. Did you bring any personal articles or none at all, both can be very significant for your character. What are you excited to learn about? What house do you hope you are sorted into? Do you even know about the singing sorting hat?

I have confidence in your skills and look forward to seeing how this thread will develop.

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Compartment 6  Closed 

The newcomer had refused her help which was fine by Dymphna. It was admirable for the other girl to want to fix her robes herself. The girl who introduced herself as Lilias seemed to be extremely shy, shouting her name as an introduction. Poor thing, she thought, hoping that they would see one another around the castle once they got to Hogwarts. Hopefully in a few years time, she would gain some confidence and be more comfortable around others.

However, Lucy seemed to be in control of the situation and happy to do most of the talking. Thinking about it, she had only been sitting by the window and hadn't said anything in a while. "It's nice to meet you, Lilias. I'm Dymphna." She cringed a bit at the traditional Irish name. It was nice to know that the wee one (though they were likely the same age, she couldn't help but to think of Lilias as much younger) was also a pureblood that didn't seem to be an elitist. Not that she knew many pureblood elitists but she had heard of them.

There two seemed to be getting along just fine. It made her smile thinking that they might have made a lifelong friend during their first train ride to Hogwarts. She munched on the licorice wands she had purchased from the trolley. At Lucy's suggestion to prank people with the Bertie Bott's beans, her eyebrow raised in surprise. She would have to watch out in case the girl planned on pranking her. Though she supposed she couldn't fault them if it was a method of revenge on bullies.

Dymphna jumped up as they began practicing spells in the train compartment which didn't seem at all safe to her. Practicing spells without an adult to supervise seemed like a big deal. The girls seemed okay in the end so she tried not to worry too much about them. "Be careful you two." She didn't want anyone getting hurt and needing to go to St. Mungo's before school even started.

At the conversation turning towards the different houses, she listened intently. Her dad was a Hufflepuff and mom a Ravenclaw, which seemed to go together quite well. They were both extremely intelligent, loyal, hardworking and supportive. Whichever house she ended up in, she hoped to do them proud. "I just hope I can make friends within my house quickly and do well in classes." Maybe she would see the two girls around in classes if not within her house common room. "What classes are you guys excited for?"

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Compartment 6  Closed 

((Lilias was actually modeled to act younger than she actually is. Hence the oversized clothes and shyness. She is, in all honesty, more of a nine year old rather than an eleven year old.))

   Lilias had almost forgotten the other girl in the compartment. She had been so busy talking to Lucy that she had forgotten Dymphna. She practically jumped eight feet in the air when she had asked her about classes. She placed a hand to her chest to try and calm her breathing. 
   "Y-YYou scarrred me, DDD-DDymppphhna." She took a moment to gather herself before speaking again. Her voice was not her strong suit in any way. "B-BB-BBBBut I'mm lokiiiing forwwwward t-ttt-to PP-PPPPoo-Potions classss." 
   Lilias muttered the ending spell for the Marauder's Map and stowed it away in her satchel for later. She'd be able to move around in the castle without being noticed since she'd know where everyone is at all times. That would really be handy for the mischievous child that Lilias was. She was always caught playing pranks on her friends when she would spend the night. Their parents would tell her to take it all down and go to bed. But other times she'd manage to pull them off and see her friends' reactions. Which were always priceless! She'd double over in laughter quite often.

Lilias Watson, the girl that is the flower