Platform 9¾

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A Fresh Start  Closed 

What had felt like months had finally come to an end for Falentra. Arriving in front of the famous Platform 9¾ wasn't something she ever thought would happen. They say that eyes are the window to the soul, but when you look into hers, there is no soul, no nothing. Faint dark circles had started to appear beneath them caused by the lack of sleep. It sure didn't help improve her appearance as it. Her pale skin stood out from the crowd, and those dark circles made her sockets look hollow and skeleton-like. They inspected her surroundings, glancing at each muggle, and those that rushed and pushed passed her to catch what was most likely their late train. She simply grunted and shook her head, not even bothering to waste her breath on someone, or something like that. Fingers long and slender ran along the rim of the envelope that she received from Hogwarts, her fiddling a sign of slight nervousness. Unlike most people, there was no muscle tone or fat definition to her hands, just skin and bone.

Her attention was brought back to the wall. 'Just wal-no.. run straight through the wall, right?' She thought to herself. Squinting her eyes, she tried to recall overhearing a group of young witches and wizards talking about how excited they were to go to Hogwarts, and having their first run through Platform 9¾. 'Oh, how exciting!' She thought to herself, once again. Falentra rolled her eyes, obviously being sarcastic to herself. She did that a lot. Not much of a talker, but in thoughts, she never stopped thinking, or talking to herself.

With all that being said, she took a tight hold of her bags, and throwing one over her small frame, she began to run, faster with each step she took. She didn't stop or even hesitate as she grew closer to the wall, and within the split of a second, she was suddenly through. Instantly the atmosphere changed. Sure it was loud on the other side but now... now it was just filled with screams of excited children and voices overlapping each other. Falentra didn't like this at all. She frowned and headed straight for the train. The quicker she got inside, the better.
The steam gushing up from the platform made her jump. Catching her off guard was hard, but it was all of these surroundings, it was too much for her to take in all at once. Maybe this was a bad idea. Maybe she should just turn around and go back to the peacefulness and wander the streets and alleyways.

She knew she couldn't, but the thought calmed her.

It was once she got on the train she felt more at ease. Not by much, but it was a start. Children around her were still running up and down the aisles, giggling, shouting and some even crying. One, in particular, caught her eye. A young boy, not much younger than herself. He was almost hanging out the window, waving and reaching for what seemed like his mother. Falentra glanced at both the boy and his mother for a short second, her own expression blank. How was she to react or feel? She couldn't remember the last time she had had to feel the need to react like that.
She brushed it off her shoulders and began to walk again, towards the least packed carriage she could find.
Sitting nearest to the window, and away from the student opposite her, she shoved her torn ragged bags beneath her seat, and one by her, just to make sure nobody could sit next to her if there was another to enter.
A few obvious tears could be seen on her luggage, places that had started to wear away at from their constant uses throughout her travels on the road. Coming from a wealthy family to this. It was sure an embarrassment for her. Her hands and legs tried there best in the meantime to cover the slightly larger rips.

Once settled, she stared at her reflection through the window beside her. One last time, her eyes stared blankly at herself. A weird thought randomly popped into her head. 'Am I caught somewhere between good and bad? Or am I just a completely boring person?' She didn't even understand herself when she thought deeply enough about it. A small sigh left her lips before her eyes slide closed and waited for the long journey ahead to begin.

Falentra. B
It's hard to judge cruelty when you've never know kindness.