Platform 9¾

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1st of September, The journey begins...  Closed 

It was a surprisedly warm day at London, not a cloud in the sky. Atalie glanceed at the sky as she followed her parents entering Kings Cross station, holding on to the trolley with her things that are needed at Hogwarts. The ticket is heavy in her pocket, Almost reaching their destination. Atalie took a deep breath ... for she was going to say goodbye to her parents. She was nervous of leaving home but it was her choice to go to Hogwarts, her parents reassured that she can write to them and that she would be fine. Straighten her posture and looking ahead, she saw numerous of families running between the signs of 9 and 10.

Her mother called out softly, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. Atalie nodded, look at both of them before jogging past the brick wall and into another world. A train that was stunning and large, also filled with kids of different ages. Atalie continues to walk until she was guided to first year carts, letting go of the trolley. She turns to her parents and gives them a heart felt hug, quietly responding to her mother advice and her fathers. She said goodbye and walk insides the train...

Upon entering, she didn't think the place would be so crowded. As she excuses herself past a bunch of fellow students, a person bumps into her rather harshly....


1st of September, The journey begins...  Closed 

  Howie walked ahead of his parents as they made their way through the station at Kings Cross. It had been a quiet drive from Manchester to London, everyone’s nerves getting the best of them, the silence only broken occasionally by his mother’s sniffles.
  Howie came to stand before the brick wall between station nine and ten, turning to face his parents and make his goodbyes. The representative from Hogwarts that had showed up on his eleventh birthday had explained to him how to access the platform. Howie set down his suitcase and went to hug his parents, they both swooped down to wrap him up in a big group hug. They all told each other that they loved them and then Howie turned, wiped a tear from his eye, grabbed his suitcase and walked towards the brick wall. Looking both ways to make sure he wasn’t attracting too much attention, he slipped through the barrier.
  The other side of the barrier was packed with students, all who seemed in a frenzy to get on the train and get situated. Howie looked for the first year compartments and then took off, navigating his way through the crowd. Once inside the train he struggled to get through the narrow corridor, trying to find a compartment that wasn’t overly crowded. A group of students walked by, he squeezed to the side trying to give them room to pass. As they all pressed together, Howie lost his footing and tripped and stumbled forward directly into a young witch, almost knocking her over. “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry...I didn’t mean to. It’s just so crowded, I tripped trying to get through!”

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1st of September, The journey begins...  Closed 

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Cecily breathed the cool air in London. She watched as her older siblings raced in the barrier between Platform 9 and 10. Cecily was last, and took a deep breath as she followed them. She squeezed her eyes shut as she ran through the barrier, entering Platform 9 3/4.

"Cecily! Hurry up! The train is leaving soon!" Cecily's sister, Savannah called. Savannah and her twin sister, Charlotte, disappeared inside the rain to find their friends. Savannah and Charlotte were both Hufflepuffs, and always had a lot of friends.

"Cecily, we're going to find an open compartment," Cecily's oldest brother, Connor, said.
"Is that okay, Cecily?" Gavin, Cecily's second oldest brother asked.
Connor and Gavin were both Griffyndors, and also had a lot of friends.
"We know it's your first time here, so is that okay?" Connor added. They both stared at Cecily.

Cecily, however, was lost in thought. Everything, the train, the people, the magic was extraordinary to her.
"Um, Cecily? Hello?" Gavin said impatiently.
Cecily snapped back to reality.
"Oh, sorry. Um, sure, that's fine. I will try to find an open compartment," Cecily replied hurridely. Connor and Gavin raced off, Cecily following them.
After saying good-bye to her mom and dad, Cecily put her luggage in the train and found an empty compartment.

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