Platform 9¾

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9 3/4 and Compartment 2

     I would wake up to our excited family owl, a minute owl named Dolce Ragazza, whom was currently tweeting as if something extremely important had happened. Now that I mention it, I feel like I am missing something important going on here... I would glance at the time, and then at the Hogwarts invitation lying on my dresser table by the bed, and then at the pile of robes and books on the cart by my bed.  
    With a start, I would flop off of my comfortable twin sized bed and onto the hard, unforgiving wooden floor as I realize with a  jolt that I'm finally going to Hogwarts! My mom had always spoke fondly of the school, so I am excited to finally go there. Then, suddenly aware of a strong breeze circling my head, I roll my eyes and stare at the blur of colors that dug their claws into my shoulder and tweeting non stop at me.
     " Honestly, Dolce, I can take care of myself just fine! " I would say with an exasperated look, my arms crossed. Dolce, satisfied with my answer, would chirp, flying off to deliver any potential mail.  I would grab my cart with all of my school supplies on it, racing over to my sleeping twin. With a devious grin on my face, I would yell loudly in order to scare my sister awake.
     My twin, of course, was not amused, and they stared at me as they rose with a start. " God damnit, you can't just do stuff like that, Ruby! " she would nearly scream, angry.
     The noise attracted mom's attention, so she would march up the stairs with a slightly intense expression on her face. " And who exactly is causing all of this racket? " She would say, curious and slightly mad.
     " No one, mother!" We would say, neither willing to get in trouble. 
    She would roll her eyes, slightly amused. " Well, you two better get your butts moving, the train leaves in ten minutes! "  My face would drain, the excitement we had just experienced a few moments ago fading. She was right, what were we doing fooling around? I would smile at her and say my final goodbye. Racing towards the fireplace downstairs I would nearly trip during the way down. With a pinch of floo powder and a shout of my destination, I was gone, and I magically appeared in a fireplace in a building near the station. I would pause at the moment, marveling about the joys of magic I had known and loved for years. During my hesitation, my sister would suddenly fall through, landing on me, nearly crushing me with her weight.
     Not liking the sudden weight on my chest, I would try to push her off. Fortunately, she did not like it either, and she quickly scrambled off, and we would both stand up.
     " Do you remember where the platform is, Anna? "
     " Of course I do, and you?" 
    " 9 3/4?" I would question, almost completely sure this time
     My sister would smile at me, glad that I remembered where the station is, and with that, we would go together, phasing through the wall and into station 9 3/4. Hearing the blast of the Hogwart Express, we would scramble aboard and into the nearest compartment with the least amount of people inside. When we open the door of the compartment, we found the witches and/ or wizards...

The girl whose best friends are books

9 3/4 and Compartment 2

Amidst the bustling sounds of travelers, shouting hawkers, and trains coming and going, Archer Dunn stepped into the King Cross station. It was a familiar sight of dozens of people moving about all intent on their next tasks and destinations. Being a London native, this was hardly the first time the boy and his parents have visited the national train hub. However, the excited look and wide grin on Archer's face was as if he was witnessing everything for the first time. He was, in a way.

"We're here! We're here!" The tall boy shouted excitedly, throwing his bag that way and another. An elderly couple passed by and smiled at the family, doubtless thinking that it was Archer's first time in the station. A more astute observer would notice that there were something more behind their smile, as though they knew the true reason behind Archer's excitement.

"Where? I don't see a platform 9 3/4 anywhere?" A portly man with a bowler hat and dark grey suit looked around intently. It's ironic that while Archer's father was the last one to be convinced that "magic" was real, he is now almost as excited as the young wizard himself. Beside him, a kind and wise looking woman sighed exasperatedly, "Weren't you listening to that woman from the..." she then looked around nervously, lowered her head, and whispered "Wand store..." Her head swiveled around once more making sure that no one else had heard, "It's the ticket box between platform 9 and 10." Archer's mom indicated at the innocuous metal box with a small gathering of people around it. Mr. Dunn adjusted his hat and squinted at the metal box. "But I don't see a- Ooh..." His dad's words were silenced by the sight of two small boys running towards the metal box and was... swallowed.

Archer's heart leaped into his throat at the sight, and he could feel his excitement rising to an unprecedented level. It's real... It's actually happening... Archer knew it was real of course. After all, the characters and things he had seen in Diagon Alley were not everyday sights in London. However, the sight of someone just disappearing into a solid wall seemed to reinforce it even further. He turned around and spoke rushedly, "Alrighty! That's my cue I guess. It's been a nice eleven years! Good bye!" The boy turned around and started to run towards the platform. He didn't get far before a firm arm grabbed his and stopped him in his tracks "Now you hold on... What do you mean it's been a nice eleven years. You're coming back you hear?" The voice of his mother was a mixed of mirth and worry. Archer looked back, rolled his eyes and said, "Yeah yeah, see you this summer Mom!" The woman bent down and looked at her only child with a broken smile. Archer could see that she was holding back tears. She slowly pulled Archer forward and enveloped him in a big warm hug, "You take care now... Don't forget to write to me every week! I'll have some treats ready for those clever owls." Archer hugged her back impatiently. Normally, the thought of leaving his mother for so long would caused the eleven year-old to feel sad. At the moment however, the anticipation of his new adventure overwhelmed all other emotions. His dad took his turn at hugging Archer, taking the chance to whisper to his son's ears "Now remember what I said... Tell the magic people to turn me into one of them too." Archer sighed and replied in a tone that suggested this was not the first time he'd had to say this, "That's not how it works dad..."

With the allotted hugs over, Archer took his bag, shouted a last "Good bye!" and ran towards the metal box. He just barely had time to hear his mom yell, "I love you!" before he... didn't crash? into the metal box. By reflex, the boy had closed his eyes as he was getting nearer to the Platform and when his eyes opened, Archer was in a different world altogether. In front of him was a magnificent, old-style train that stretched as far as his little eyes could see. Kids, some around the same age as himself, and some older, were taking turns boarding the train, waving to their families as they do so. Wizards and witches... My people.  Taking a deep breath, Archer started walking, looking braver than he felt. It starts now.

The inside of the train was more cramped then he had thought it would be. Instead of open seats, the train was divided into compartments from which Archer could hear excited voices and laughter. At once, Archer felt nerves threaten his confidence. What if everyone else already knows each other? I'll be the odd one out... After all, Archer was born of Muggle parents, and did not know that such a world exist until just recently. Hating his own cowardice -he had wanted to start his adventure well, making friends and acquaintances- Archer continued to walk past compartments that showed signs of being occupied until he finally found one that he could not hear a voice from. Compartment 2. He read.

Taking a deep breath, he opened the compartment. It was unoccupied. Half relieved and half disappointed -if there had been others, Archer would have had to make conversation- the young boy stowed his bag below him and took a seat. After a few moment, he took the bag out again and retrieved Hogwarts, A History by Garius Tomkink. He figured that if he was to live in the castle for a year, that he should at least know some things about it.

No sooner had he opened the spine of the book did the door of the compartment open revealing two girls standing outside. Archer looked up and took way to long before timidly saying "Er... Hi?"

9 3/4 and Compartment 2

     There was a drawn-out, tense pause as the kids  couldn't think of anything to say, and Ruby would shift on her feet anxiously as the muteness brought on by social awkwardness started to make her very self-conscious. She was thinking of finding another compartment with her sister because the uneasy silence was making her feel dreadful, but then the kid already sitting down timidly greeted both of us, and the tension seemed to slip away like melting ice, and we would both greet the boy back. Of course, Ruby would proceed with this as she always did, by grinning and murmuring hello. On the other hand, Anna is an extrovert, and her greeting was thunderous compared to Ruby's.           
     Both Ruby and Anna would grab a seat somewhere in the compartment, and Anna would try to start a conversation. As much as Ruby wanted to join in, there was a big barricade of social insecurities separating her from the other kids. Besides, one of the books signed to the class seemed very promising and worthwhile. With that final thought, Ruby would search through her stuff, seeking for the book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Upon finding the book, she would open it to the first few pages, reading the introduction of the book.     
     If anything weird is going on near her, she wouldn't notice until she looked up from the book, and who knows when that is with book worms?

The girl whose best friends are books

9 3/4 and Compartment 2

The two girls looked strikingly similar to each other. Sisters? Archer thought that this section of the train was only for first years only. If they were sisters, then their personalities couldn’t be more different, at least by their greetings alone. The two girls took seats across of Archer which just increased his nervousness. This is it… A chance to make friends… Reluctantly, the boy put his copy of Hogwarts, a History and racked his brain for anything to say. Nothing! The shy boy was drawing blanks! 'So… Magic, right? Who knew?’ No no no, that sounds dumb. He grinned nervously as his fingers fidgeted on his lap, Talk about the weather? C’mon, you’re not some 40 year old fart! Then a genius idea hit him and he shot out excitedly “That’s right! My name!” followed by a quiet gasp as the dreadful realisation that he had spoken out loud. Laughing nervously, Archer scratched his head and said “I’m Archer Dunn… ha ha…” Nice job dummy… Way to put yourself out there. The young boy looked around the compartment, desperate to find something to distract his embarrassment. One of the girls was looking at him eagerly while another was quietly taking out a book. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Seeing this, Archer pointed and said excitedly, “Ah! I have the same book!” then realizing what he just said, he added more quietly, “Of course we would have the same book… It’s required by the school.” This time however, he was not deterred by his mistake and continued on with a wide smile, “It’s amazing isn’t it? I just bought it so I haven’t had much time to read it. But can you believe it? Basilisks? Centaurs? DRAGONS!?!? They’re actually real! What’s next Bigfoot?” Archer laughed, but was stopped by a sudden dawning that he had just outed himself as muggle-born. Idiot! They probably knew that all those were real since they were born!

[OOC: Is Ruby and her sister identical twins? Do they look exactly the same?]

9 3/4 and Compartment 2

    ( Ruby and Anna look similar, and Ruby always wears headphones, and I'll use quotes while speaking and italics for thoughts, hope that helps! :3 )      

     Ruby would lift her head up slightly, distracted from reading the introduction as the boy excitedly talked about how amazing all of these amazing creatures are. She would smile to herself, accidentally voicing her thoughts out loud. "Why, of course they are real, and I think the Antipodean Opal- Eyes are an interesting bunch of dragons...
     Realizing what had happened, Ruby would move the book closer to her face as to hide her embarrassment, which was currently in the process of heating up her cheeks. Now she was longing for Dolce, for they were always there to comfort her when mortified or terrified. Upon thinking about their enthusiastic owl, her face would go slightly downcast. This place is great and all, but I do miss my owl.. already. She has just boarded the train, and she already needs comfort, which in Ruby's eyes, was a slightly off-putting start of a grand adventure in the wizard world that she  loves.
     Ruby would sigh and put the book away, instead getting a sketchbook and a few pencils out. It did not take her very long to think of what she wanted to draw, so she would start sketching Dolce's face. Once in a while she would catch intriguing snips of lively conversation from the other kids, and she would want to join in, but she wasn't quite ready yet. 
     Ruby was looking forward to the food trolley to come by, as she didn't even have time to have breakfast. In order to prepare for it, she would put her sketchbook away and look for her money, only to be crestfallen at, in her haste, she had forgotten to pack it. Grumbling, she would cross her arms and stare at someone to convey her annoyance. " Yay..." She expressed, her feelings about being denied a sweet treat clear. 

The girl whose best friends are books

9 3/4 and Compartment 2

The two hours it took the Webster family (plus Lucy) to get from Dover to London were long enough for Vera's excitement to wear off and the gravity of leaving her one and only close friend behind. "Fifteen minutes until we're there." Her father called from the front of the van. Vera sighed and looked out the window, wondering what on earth would happen in the strange new world of Hogwarts, so far from both the sea and the people she loved.

The group got out at the station - the fated station that she had heard so much about from her father. A short walk led them to a sign reading Platform 9 3/4. Vera took a deep breath, the clamor of the station ringing in her ears.

"You ready, sport?" Her dad asked her, looking to the platform entrance. "You remember how to get there, right?

Vera bit her lip. Yes, dad... Um... is there any chance you guys could come on the platform with me? Giving her a knowing smile, her father placed a hand on her shoulder. "I went on alone, and so can you. Don't worry, darling, there are great things ahead."

After two minutes hugging both her family members and a solid five minutes spent on Lucy (five minutes filled with promises to never forget each other), Vera took her luggage, took a deep breath, and walked onto the platform. What went on in the next minutes was a blur to her, but she somehow ended up on a train, standing in front of the door to a compartment. She could hear voices inside. Okay, Vera, time to make yourself some friends.

Taking yet another deep breath, she opened the door and took a step inside, with a smile. "Hello!"

In The Overwhelming Life Daring Young Outcasts Undertake, I Carry On Unrelentingly Loving Despite Interference Negligent Fools Intend, Loving Til Reaching A Terrible End

9 3/4 and Compartment 2

     Ruby suddenly heard a newcomer in the doorway simply say " Hello", and as she was so focused on her thoughts and drawing her owl, she would fall on the floor of the compartment, startling everyone near them. Once the shock wore off on Anna, she would jump up and step over Ruby's paralyzed body and warmly greeted the new comer, extending their arm for a handshake. 
     Ruby, on the other hand, was perfectly fine { She is quite clumsy and is used to pain }, she was just too shocked to get up. She would stare at the seat she had fell off of, and checked the clock on the wall. To her surprise, they hadn't even left... What was going on? She could had sworn at least a few hours had gone by... 
     Shrugging it off mentally, Ruby would start to feel a little crowded with three other people currently traveling with her. Of course, she didn't mind too much, but it still startled her. From her view, she couldn't see if the new person felt guilty or not. Starting to feel tired, Ruby would close her eyes, wanting to take a nice, long nap, and so she did.

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The girl whose best friends are books

9 3/4 and Compartment 2

"Antipodean Opal- Eyes... I don't remember reading about them..." Archer's eyes looked up as if trying to remember his brief read of the book. Looking back at the girl he grinned, "I'll make sure to keep it in mind when I get to read the book again!" The shier of the two girls seemed to like animals, so Archer had hoped  that they will be able to converse about them. However, the girl, who has yet given a name, seemed surprised that she spoke, and retreated further into her book. The awkward silence returned...

Idly, as if to fill the silence, Archer started tapping his feet to no particular tune. What do I do now! the young wizard panicked. Was it something I said? She doesn't seem to be interested to talk to me! The boy considered diving into his backpack and grabbing a book, just to have something to do. Luckily, as he was bending over to do so, the door to the compartment opened revealing another girl who greeted the others with a smile. Thank God! Wait, do Wizards believe in God? Is there a Wizard God? Relief flooded into Archer as the new arrival came in the compartment. Archer scooted over to give the girl a place to sit and started to say in a cheerful tone, "Hi there, I'm Archer Dunn!?" his tone turned to one of panic as he saw the quiet girl suddenly and seemingly without provocation, fall down to the compartment floor. "Are you okay?!" he started to bend over to help the girl up before the girl's companion stood up, walked over her sprawled sister, and greeted the newcomer. Archer's eyes was filled with puzzlement as he watched the girl picked herself up back onto her seat, closed her eyes and... Is she taking a nap?? He thought, dumbfounded.

...Wizards are strange people...

9 3/4 and Compartment 2

Vera gave Archer a small wave before starting at the sight of Ruby tumbling to the floor. "Are you-" she began, before being interrupted by Anna's warm welcome. She took the hand and shook it gently, still in a slight haze from the sudden flurry of action that her arrival had caused. "Oh, lovely to meet you. My name's Vera." As their handshake broke and people righted themselves and returned to their places, she sat herself down by Archer, sitting as far away as she could without seeming rude. She gave him a small smile. "Nice to meet you, Archer."

Now that she had properly introduced herself and was seated, she returned her attention once again to the girl who had fallen. "Are you alright? I'm very sorry if I surprised you, perhaps I should have knocked first..." Her face held a strained smile, as she noticed that the girl she was addressing had her eyes closed.

Is she asleep? Does she just not want to talk?
You've been with these people for one minute and you've already managed to cause trouble. If you don't get your act together, you're never going to make friends. Or worse- what if they make fun of you?
Darn it, Vera, try harder.

In The Overwhelming Life Daring Young Outcasts Undertake, I Carry On Unrelentingly Loving Despite Interference Negligent Fools Intend, Loving Til Reaching A Terrible End

9 3/4 and Compartment 2

Ah... She started by introducing her name... Archer noted with relief at the strict adherence of the conventional social interaction expectations. He was a bit afraid that the newcomer would be as... unique as the only other two Wizards Archer had a pleasure of meeting, discounting the brief interactions at Diagon Alley. "Nice to meet you Vera." He said with a pleasant smile. The newcomer was addressing the yet unnamed girl, who offered no response. "Uh... I think she might be asleep..." Archer offered helpfully. She must be tired... That's why she's been acting strange! Yes... that would be it. The thought, whether it was true or not, seemed to give him comfort. Maybe the girl is not so strange after all!

The young boy looked at Vera from the corner of his eyes. He was feeling some pressure as the first citizen of Compartment 2 to lead some sort of conversation, but nothing came immediately to mind. Think Archer! You're going to a MAGIC school. Surely there's SOMETHING you can talk about...

With a slightly cracked voice betraying his nerve, Archer asked the newcomer, "So... What are you looking forward the most at Hogwarts?" A good question. A FINE question. Relevant and a versatile conversation starter leading to a plethora of possibilites. Archer was proud of himself for thinking it up.

OOC: Should we have some sort of posting order so that everyone gets a chance to post? I assume me and Vera can go on until at least Ruby decides to wake up. :P

9 3/4 and Compartment 2

Vera looked at Ruby for a second longer, to see if she would say anything. Then, she spoke, in a slightly hushed tone."Asleep, yes, I guess so."

An awfully odd time to decide to sleep, but to each their own, I guess. I wonder if she's a pure-blood...
dad always said that pure-blooded wizards could be a bit... etcentric.

Oh, wait, oops. That's not a good way to carry on a conversation... um... Surely there's something you can say. Ask about what he likes; yeah, that would-
Vera's thoughts were interrupted by Archer asking a question of his own. The faint nervousness she could sense coming from him gave her a small amount of courage - she wasn't the only uncomfortable one here.

"Excited for? Well, the magic, of course! There's going to be magic everywhere! I'm especially excited for magic plants; just think of all the weird and wonderful plants there will be! Vera's face brightened at the thought of seeing all the new flora she'd only read about in books. She paused for a moment, before continuing with a trace of loneliness in her voice. "And making friends. I'm hoping to make some friends. My best friend is a muggle, so she won't be coming to Hogwarts..."

"What about you?"

"A good question. A FINE question... Archer was proud of himself for thinking it up."
I love Archer already. :lol:

As for the turn order thing, that would probably be a good idea... I can wait and not post again until after Ruby's done something, would that work? Hit me up in Discord if you've got a better idea.

In The Overwhelming Life Daring Young Outcasts Undertake, I Carry On Unrelentingly Loving Despite Interference Negligent Fools Intend, Loving Til Reaching A Terrible End

9 3/4 and Compartment 2

( oml,  I just can't seem to get out of trouble nowadays, you peeps didn't do anything, sorry ;-; )    
  Shortly after Ruby had taken a nap to recover from shock, she would slowly become aware of voices around her. Confused, Ruby would blink, not sure where they are, so it was a shock to her to see her sister and two strangers. Reacting like how she normally would in this situation ( which happened a lot.. ) , Ruby would make a startled noise and jump straight into the air. Flustered, Ruby would freeze , collapsing due to her ungraceful drop. During this time, she did not hear the first kid ask someone a question, she was just regaining consciousness, after all!
     Ruby would gingerly get herself up to take a seat on the cushioned seats. She would nervously watch the other kids, trying to determine how weird her behavior was. Ruby would look for her sketch pad to distract herself, only to feel a numb sense of horror when she could not locate it anywhere. Yay... She would think with sarcasm. Ten minutes in and you already make a fool of yourself! Ruby would think, hiding their face in their hands. On the bright side, I can forget about it while studying! She would think, smiling slightly.Nobody would bother me when studying... right? Ruby would think to herself, the slight smile turning into a grin. ( which will soon be Ruby's crazy studying grin XD )

The girl whose best friends are books

9 3/4 and Compartment 2

The question struck true, and thus a completely natural conversation was born! Gradually, Archer could feel his nerves starting to ebb out as he listened to Vera's reply with a faint smile on his face. "Magical plants huh? I'm more of an animal kind of guy, but maybe that's because... muggle..." the young Wizard struggled to pronounce the unfamiliar word, "...plants are so boring." he finished with a grin. "Magical plants though... I'm sure that's another thing altogether."

At the mention of making friends, the boy nodded, "I was a muggle too. I mean... I was born to muggle parents. Is that bad? Does it make me less... Wizardly?" Archer asked curiously, "None of my friends were Wizards, obviously. So unless some other kids from my school also received a letter from Hogwarts, I think I'll have to make a completely new set of friends."

Would you like to be the first one? Archer almost said. That's weird right? Is that weird? No one asks just straight out like that, do they? The thought brought back a little bit of nervousness Archer had exhibited earlier. As a result, the aspiring Wizard boy fell silent once more, unsure of what to say next.

Luckily, the awkward silence was soon disturbed by a sudden noise from the seat across, followed closely by the mysterious girl who had been sitting down eyes closed, suddenly jumping up, freezing, and collapsing on the floor. What... is going on... This time, before saying or doing anything, Archer observed the face of the fallen girl's companion, Anna Westfall, as she introduced herself earlier. No trace of worry or surprise. A regular occurrence then? Archer's expression betrayed his confusion.

The boy observed the girl's next movements carefully. She got up back to her chair, went looking for something, looked horrified, and then... grinned? Archer sat back, his arms crossed and his eyes intent on the girl. He released that he was holding his breath the whole time watching the girl's curious actions. He looked at the girl, and then to  Anna Westfall, and back to the girl. A thought flashed across his mind unbidden, Could it be that this girl isn't human? Perhaps the 'girl' is a mysterious being that has befriended Anna... The idea seemed ridiculous, but so was the idea of magic being real, if someone was to ask Archer a couple of weeks ago. It would explain why her behavior has been so... strange.

Then Archer made his decision. He wouldn't learn anything just sitting there. So instead, he spoke to the 'girl' "That was a pretty quick nap..." he said in a careful tone, eyes darting here and there, "Does your... kind... not need as much sleep? Ha ha..." he chuckled nervously.

Was that alright?
What if 'she' gets offended? What if she hits me with a nasty spell? He regretted asking the question already. After all, who knows how the mysterious unnamed being will react. Is this how I'm going to die? Maybe I should leave and catch the next train to Hogwarts. Is there even a next train? I'm sure there is. It's not like Wizards are incapable of being late... Or are they!? Is there a spell that prevents them for ever being late for anything ever? I bet there is... I bet there's a spell for everything! 

Archer's internal panicked monologue was cut short as he hear a slow rumbling sound from all around him followed by gentle vibrations. The sound slowly got louder and louder causing Archer to shoot up from his chair, "We're moving!" He yelled excitedly, his impending death momentarily forgotten as he pressed his hands on the compartment windows.

OOC: I hope you guys don't mind me writing that the train is leaving. If someone else wants to join they can just roleplay that they got in right before the train moves and join us in Compartment 2. Otherwise, I'd be happy to edit out the part about the train departing.

9 3/4 and Compartment 2

( That seems like a good idea, and I don't know if Ruby should be full hooman yet, but I changed the status to unknown because why not? and I think Ruby likes naps... lol. )
     Ruby would watch the boy's reactions to her odd behavior, and she couldn't blame them, but it still hurt, she couldn't exactly control it. She considered harming them for a second, however, it would not be a good decision, so, instead, she would try to distract herself by searching for her lost sketchpad glaring at the boy for a second. Ruby would nearly tear the whole compartment apart in her hunt fr her drawings. Crestfallen that she could not find it, she would adjust her headphones to block out more background noise as she would return to her seat, starting to feel tired from the energy she had put into looking for her drawings. As her head slowly drooped, she would watch the other kids until she fell asleep. 

The girl whose best friends are books

9 3/4 and Compartment 2

Vera nodded in agreement with the boy's words. "Animals are really cool, too! Though even muggle plants aren't so very boring, if you look at them close enough."

He struggled with the word muggle, there. I wonder if he's muggle-born... Vera's question was answered shortly thereafter with the boy's explanation. "Hmm, well,
my mum is... was... a muggle and my dad's a wizard, so I like to think I've got the best of both worlds. Of course, being a bit of both might make me a bit less uppity than those pure-blooded families, but I don't see why being muggle-born would make you any less of a wizard. There's just a bit more for you to learn."

Vera smiled slightly at the boy's mention of making new friends. "Guess we're all in the same boat, then."
There was silence, and then a sudden flurry of activity as the witch across the compartment rose and did... stuff. Vera wasn't entirely sure what was up with this girl. The train started, and Vera watched the girl move around the compartment until the train came to a stop, only a few minutes later. What's up with the train?
Dad said it took a while, not just 5 minutes...

There was a knock at the compartment door, and an older witch opened it. "Vera Webster?" She asked, looking at Vera. "Come with me, please.

Vera's eyes widened. "What's happening?" She asked, confused.

"There's been a family emergency. We're just glad we caught you before the train got too far."

"Come along now."

Family... emergency? Vera's mind went racing at all the things that could have happened in the short time since she'd seen her family. She rose and followed the witch out the door, stopping once to look back with a sorrowful smile on her face. "It was nice meeting you, Archer, girls. Hopefully I'll see you again, before long."

Once she'd departed with the witch, the train continued on its normal course.

Hi so yeah I'm leaving. Maybe I'll be back someday! We'll see. Have fun,
yous. ^-^

In The Overwhelming Life Daring Young Outcasts Undertake, I Carry On Unrelentingly Loving Despite Interference Negligent Fools Intend, Loving Til Reaching A Terrible End