Alexander Varellion

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Alexander Varellion
London, England
First year, Slytherin
35,4 cm cherry wood and phoenix feather
Additional information
Alexander was born in The Netherlands. He is fairly tall for his age and has light brown hair as well as blue/green eyes. Before he realized he was a wizard Alex was rather studious and liked to read a lot, mostly fiction of course. 

Alexander's personality has some contradictions. He has a rather black and white view of the world and often categories people into bad or good. This has a lot to do with him being lightly bullied at school which of course escalated whenever there was an 'incident'. When realizing that he was a wizard Alexander was amazed and got himself the goal to learn as much about the wizarding world as he can. 

But Alexander also has quite a utilitarian and strategical mindset. A few examples of this are that moments he feels endangered he tactically observes everything and scans the area for any threats. When he is faced with a hard choice he also often puts his emotions to the side and strategically analyzes the situation, putting a mental list of pros and cons next to each other. 

Alex is also quite introverted, he is not the best at making new friends and is often quite nervous and shy. But if you get him as your friend he will be a true friend

Yet Alex is also quite ambitious and desires power to achieve his goals and to protect himself. Because if you only have simple goals you probalpy won't come far in the world.

 Finally Alexander is a bit suspicious of the wizarding world after hearing about 'he-who-must-not-be-named' and some of the issues with blood purity. Because of this Alex aims to be vigilant and prepare himself so he will not be defenseless against any threats.



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