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Liliafix Tinderly
Minathton, Wales
35,1 cm chestnut wood and dragon heartstring
First year, Ravenclaw
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Liliafax is a regular witch. She is quite shy, but can become very extroverted when near people she trusts. She only lets close friends give her nicknames like 'Lilia', 'Lily', or 'Lil'. Liliafax was born in Scotland, with a muggle father and mother. Her father left the family soon after she was born. Her mother moved to Wales where she met a wizard. They married, and Jerome Timberly became Liliafax's stepfather. He and Meredith Crumb, her mother, were very kind and loving towards their daughter. Liliafax showed her magical ability when she was very young. Her stepfather was watching her play outside when she was two years old. She was waving a stick around, babbling nonsense words. Suddenly, the stick burst into pieces and blue sparks flew out. She did not cry out, rather she found another stick and tried to repeat it. She was unsuccessful and lost memory of the occasion as she grew older. After seeing this, Jerome suspected Liliafax was magical. He told Meredith, and they did some research. But no matter how far they looked, it seemed there were no magical genes. They dismissed the incident, thinking that Liliafax was not magical after all. Both parents were surprised when Liliafax's letter came, but they both rejoiced that their daughter was magical. Liliafax was eager to start school at Hogwarts and determined to prove that there wasn't a mistake. She knows very little about the dangers of the Wizarding World and the Dark Arts. She has bright blue eyes and blonde hair, usually kept in a braid. Her favorite color is blue, and she adores animals and magical creatures. She hates dueling and fears any conflicts. She is a slight nerd as she loves to read and study. That doesn't mean she doesn't love adventure or games, though! Of course, they need to be completely safe. She is a goody-two-shoes and tries to be friends with all the teachers. She has a pet owl named Lumina, or Lumi for short. She does not plan on playing Quidditch (too violent), but she is eager to learn how to fly. Some words to describe her are Smart, kind, clever, loving, fearful, and shy. She was placed into Ravenclaw. Liliafax can't wait to start her Hogwarts adventure!


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