Robin Dream

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Robin Dream
Wizard born
Waterford, Ireland
25,1 cm mayhaw wood and dragon heartstring
First year, Ravenclaw
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Robin Dream

Robin was born in Waterford, Ireland to Heidi Dream and Collin Dream. With both parents being wizards, she turned out to be a wizard as well. When she was nine years old her older sister Elaine accidentally gave Robin a small cut in the face with a glass shard. Robin and Elaine, although only two years apart, had many bad memories growing up. They found it difficult to get along and never had a close relationship as they often fought over the attention of their parents. Elaine became jealous of Robin since her birth, to which her parents figured Elaine would grow out of it. Elaine and Robin argue quite often, Elaine calling Robin the unwanted child. During one of these arguments, Robin sent a book flying towards Elaine. She was confused as to what happened, and feeling guilty, ran to her mother for comfort. Her mother explained the truth about her and their way of life. Robin had a hard time to accept this fact, but began to become in tune with her magic side. One night, she received an owl; and acceptance letter. She didn't know exactly how to feel. New school meant new people. She showed her parents to which they burst out in happiness. This made her smile wide, and she then became excited to go to this new school

Robin is a very sweet young lady who is respectful of her elders and fellow students. She is very friendly, but not so much outgoing. Robin sometimes has a hard time connecting with people, as she doesn't understand the way others are at times. Despite all of this, having a friend from time to time can put a smile on her face.

Robin is a young girl standing at 4'6. She has red hair and gray eyes, a slender face, and a rather thin body. Her face is soft and her eyes dark, she seems to be adorable. Her lips are rather thin and her eyes round. Robin has pierced ears and a necklace she never takes off. She usually likes many colors, and tries to find the right things to wear. She has a thin scar across the side of her cheek near her jaw.


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