Elora Rook

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Elora Rook
London, England
29,7 cm dogwood wood and phoenix feather
First year, Gryffindor
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Elora Rook is a half-blood witch her dad being a wizard and her mom a muggle-born witch, so she has muggle blood. She has an older brother named William who just finished his last year of Hogwarts and is now working at St. Mungo's as a healer. He has his own apartment closer to St. Mungo’s, so Elora never really sees him and is essentially an only child. Elora lives in Soho in a small flat above her parent's shop called Eclectic. It’s a small store filled with antiques and curiosities, along with a hidden section with magical oddities and supplies that only wizards and witches can access. Elora Rook grew up here above this shop, and often went down into the shop when she was younger. There, she learned a lot from different customers and tourists, such as special recipes, customs, and even phrases in other languages.  Elora also went over to her grandparents every summer where her grandmother taught her how to ride a broomstick and take care of magical animals and her grandfather taught her many recipes and how to draw. Her parents, though not terribly rich, were able to provide for her. From the age of 5 until her acceptance letter, Elora attended a muggle school where she was, unfortunately, bullied because of her quirky ways and the shop her parents owned. This led to severe anxiety that has yet to be treated. Elora enjoys cooking, doing art, listening and playing music, and playing Quidditch. She also likes alternative fashion, and on days where they don't have to wear a uniform, she will often dress in eccentric or different clothing. At times, Elora is subjected to spoonerisms where she switches around the beginning letters of words (north-west +worth-nest). Also, she can be quite stubborn and absent-minded but has a good heart. If you get past her initial stuttering and somewhat cold and shy exterior due to her anxiety, you will find a warm heart underneath it all.


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