Maisy Dane

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Maisy Dane
Norwich, England
Fourth year, Slytherin
29,3 cm cherry wood and dragon heartstring
Additional information
Maisy is a sprig of a girl, skinny and frail, with gangly limbs and long, willowy fingers. All her mother's blondes and father's blues, she's fairly pretty, but thick brows, slighly wide front teeth and an unfortunate relationship with coordination allow for humility.

Maisy grew up with her family in Elm Wood, Norwich, the youngest of five and only the third Norwich Dane to recieve a letter.

Beyond this, Maisy lives the life of a typical eleven year old; dolls and dancing, skinned knees and sneaking sweets. She possesses a vivacious and optimistic attitude towards life (and why not? She is, after all, so young), a girly laugh and a surprisingly impressive throwing arm.

Maisy's father, Michael, works as a carpenter in a small family owned business, her mother, Alice, keeping house and making soaps and scrubs on the side. Her eldest sibling is Charles and beneath him are Hennley, August and Mary.

Apart from Maisy, the only living witches or wizards in the Dane family are her great grandmother, Nora Dane, and her estranged uncle William. Maisy learned of this only after her parents discovered her letter, and Maisy remains incidentally wary, but ultimately enthusiastic about the road ahead of her.

Maisy's greatest weakness is easily her greatest strength... A heart for others that does not discriminate well or efficiently...

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