James Lachoneus

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James Lachoneus
Los Angeles, United States
Second year, Hufflepuff
32,4 cm chestnut wood and phoenix feather
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For the most part, James is a happy and up-beat friendly kind of person. He also has a sensitive side, and really knows how to touch someone's heart. James loves to help others emotionally and be there for them as a friend. His biggest problem though, is that while he is an amazing friend for others, he feels like he is the one that is missing true friends when he is down and depressed (which isn't very often).
James' favorite color is bright yellow. He figures that if everyone's soul had a color to it, bright, happy yellow would be his. He was also very much excited when he found out he could greet people with his own way of saying "Hello" by simply stating his favorite color:
James has blue eyes, short, slightly dirty blonde hair, he is skinny and has an average height, and has a light Caucasian skin tone.
James loved magic even before he knew he had it! He was a magician in all of his muggle school talent shows in Elementary School, and he was also interested in all things art, performing, and literature.
James wasn't a huge sports guy, but has tried soccer, baseball, basketball, cross country, swimming, track and field, and roller skating. Out of all of those, roller skating and swimming were his favorite, but he would rather do them freely and not competitively.
James loved and still loves music, comedy, reading, writing, dancing, singing, drawing, and all sorts of things similar. James loves to perform and entertain.
When James received his Hogwarts letter, he was initially confused, but he was then informed by his witch mother and muggle father that he was indeed a wizard with magical blood. James also heard about Quidditch, and the small bit of competitive sport in him was intrigued.
James comes to Hogwarts looking forward to making new friends and learning real magic while continuing his love for the arts and literature. And possibly learning Quidditch as well.

(My profile pic did not have much effort put into it... but I like it anyway!) :D

Stamina 6, Agility 6, Strength 4, Control 5, Arcane Power 4, Accuracy 5