Reid Kovacs

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Reid Kovacs
Derby, England
Fourth year, Quidditch player, Hufflepuff
25,4 cm chestnut wood and phoenix feather
Additional information

DESCRIPTION. A mess of brown hair sits on Reid's head, often unkempt and paired with his forest green eyes. Next to his peers, he stands at a decent 5'7(165cm) with a dignified posture. His uniform is rarely well kept as a shirt is usually untucked, his tie is often loose, and his shoes tend to be scuffed or covered in dirt.

Rarely is he ever seen without a cardigan though, it usually helps hide his haphazard appearance. A pair of black-framed reading glasses hangs from his shirt, but he's only seen wearing it when he's in the library. A worn leather strapped watch is often seen around his left wrist, though the face of it is broken. 

PERSONALITY. Reid is a young wizard led by strong morals, this also comes with his strong personality. He is sometimes loud and a very stubborn person to be around, which is a flaw of his. There's moments where he's stubborn to the point of not listening to anyone else but himself. He won't hesitate to step into an altercation and is a very confrontational young man. 

His flaws fall along the lines of being blindly stubborn, loyal to a fault, and ill-tempered. He's easy to talk to, but has developed a temper that can rival a Gryffindor's due to his upbringing. This temper is his worst trait, which comes out often physically. He also often envies his peers with their magical prowess and still struggles with his own abilities up to now. His interests fall short when it comes to academics, but is strong in the world of Quidditch.