Marcia Kingsleigh

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Marcia Kingsleigh
Aberdeen, Scotland
Third year, Slytherin
25,8 cm mayhaw wood and unicorn hair
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Aberdeen, Scotland is her home for seven years now. She lives there with her parents and her big brother Kilian. He's a few years older than Marcia, already a fourth year Ravenclaw at Hogwarts.

Her mum is a pure-blood witch who fell in love with a muggle therapist, her father. He was married once before with a muggle woman with whom he has a son, her half brother. Two years after his divorce, her dad met Siubhan, her mother, who’d tried to visit the cinema for her first time. She didn't know what to do or where to buy tickets so he paid for them both and watched an admittedly rather boring movie with her. They can't remember what kind of movie it was since they had spent the time talking with each other rather than watching the movie.

In Aberdeen live some magical families other than them but since her father works at home inviting his patients to his office, they had to move to a quiet outer muggle borough. Most of her childhood friends therefore are muggles.

Siobhan was never fond of her daughter spending time with muggle children since she feared Marcia could accidently use magic in front of them. She never told her mother about the few times something strange DID happen.

Her short dark brown hair is hanging unbound reaching just her shoulders. She has her dad’s dark green eyes and is rather short for her age; which she's told by everyone.

Mince Pie is her all time favorite food, especially the homemade ones from her mum. She admires her for being able to craft the finest foods which in her mind is like using magic. Siobhan showed her how to bake Mince Pie but Marcias was never as good as her mothers. She says the secret recipe is not having a recipe. Marcia's still trying to figure out what she means.

She loves to cook, which is why she usually helps her mum in preparing the food. There is no greater fun than mixing some ingredients and watch them become something entirely different.

Her biggest fear, however, is water. There is a small pond near their house where her father, Iain, holds some fishes, but one time her curiosity won the best of her and she fell headfirst into it. Marcia wasn't able do get out herself, with only water surrounding her. Since that day she's not comfortable near water, which is why she tries her best to avoid her dorm room.

Ever since she found the library, she has at least a place where she can rest and spend some time. Madam Pince was kind enough to give her a tour, but the shelves are too high for her to reach. Nevertheless she loves the quietness and special solitude of this place and it thrills her to know, that all she has to do is grab a book, or ask someone to give it to her, and she learns something new.

The fear of water isn’t her only flaw. She was never and probably will never be spontaneous. Not knowing what exactly is happening around her sickens her to the guts, so she tries to never be unprepared. That's of course an impossible task. Well thought out plans and concepts to follow are her greatest joy. Her brother Kilian tried to teach her to be more spontaneous but so far he had no luck.