Atalie Flores

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Atalie Flores
Hertfordshire, England
First year, Ravenclaw
27,5 cm chestnut wood and dragon heartstring
Additional information
A shy and quiet 11 year old girl, curious about the world and its wonders. Loves to read books and paint, would probably be busy drawing or painting on parchment or reading a muggle book. Very polite but will bite if harassed, a mild temper but willing to be fair with everyone. Soft spoken and kind, will welcome new faces to talk to and to be friends with.

Grown up with a wizard father and muggle mother she loves very much, Her mother has blue eyes and her father has green eyes, she inherit both. She is a bit self conscious about her eyes, people think she is abnormal for having them. Light brown curly hair with serious but kind eyes, skin is warm honey color.

She knows very little magic and a few spells from her parents, her father would show her some friendly spells with flowers or plants. A few charms as well but she had never attempt them herself, her father wouldn't allow it.

She is excited and scared to be going to Hogwarts of school witchcraft and wizardly, being away from home but an adventure is something she longs for. To learn new magic and understand the magical world hiding behind the muggle world. Whichever house she is in, she will protect them and respect them.