Paracelsus Adger Myth

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Paracelsus Adger Myth
Montrose, Scotland
Third year, Gryffindor
28,0 cm cherry wood and dragon heartstring
Additional information
Paracelsus, or Parcel for short(Which also is what he likes to be called, i mean, what parent names their son Paracelsus right? hehe...) Is a straight forward and passionate person.
He is curious to a fault and loves to learn and discover new things. He often avoids conflict where he can, but is not afraid to stand his ground if threatened.
What occupies most of his time other than being a curious explorer is spells and games, especially quidditch. His favorite team is of course the Montrose Magpies, his hometown team! oh, and everyone that say that the Wigtown Wanderers is better is cordially invited to go play in a broom-lane(His words, not mine!)
Soon after he was old enough to ride a broom he has been flying about at home. Well, to a moderate extent at least, his mom have strictly forbidden him to ride brooms until he is older, but every time his dad forgets to lock the broom-shed he jumps at the occasion to ride some!(and like.. how many times can a man forget to lock a broom-shed before we think it's intentional? or at least that's what his mom thinks)

Parcel is above average in height. He has brown hair that he has a hard time controlling, it always sticks out everywhere. Perpetual bedhead i guess.
He has a scar on his chin from falling off his broom when he was younger and often scratches it when he thinks(It's a bad habit).
He is athletic and he keeps himself in shape by always being in activity.

Parcel comes from a pure-blood family, but not one that puts much meaning into it(No pure-blood elitists here!).

He has both parents and grandparents alive.
His father, Eugene Myth, has a vivid interest in all things muggle. And works tirelessly in the Muggle Liaison Office. This makes Parcels knowledge of muggles rather extensive (He thinks), but it is knowledge he finds rather boring, which makes his dad writhe in agony(because every father wants his son to think what he does is awesome!)

Parcels mom, Marjorie Narcissa Myth, is a stay at home mom, and also a experienced alchemist. She is very assertive and where they live it is widely known that it is not Eugene that is the "man" of the house(lol). She is often in her own laboratory in their home working on something, which often lead to Parcel having the time and(lack) of supervision to get into trouble.
It is also Marjorie that gave Parcel the name Paracelsus(it is a famous alchemist, look it up if you are interested).

Link to Parcel's Encyclopediapage:

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