Destrian Dayne

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Destrian Dayne
London, England
First year, Slytherin
22,7 cm cherry wood and unicorn hair
Additional information
Destrian Dayne is from a long line of wizards and witches, originally from Germany until the 1900's when they moved to London and settled there.  His mother, an intelligent witch who worked as a breeder of magical creatures, had died 5 years prior to his first year of Hogwarts while giving birth to his sister, who died two weeks after from fever. His father had drowned himself in work since then, being a dragonologist, and Destrian hadn't seen him often. Instead he stayed with his uncle, who also lived in London and whose occupation was still a mystery to Destrian. But they got along well. 

Destrian is a social person who loves to talk with people he deems worthy talking to. He dislikes useless conversations, though tries to force himself to have some smalltalk now and again. He is greatly interested in Magical Creatures and wishes to continue studying them well after Hogwarts. Besides that, he has a certain interest in the Dark Arts and Charms.  Destrian isn't impressed by rules and often breaks them, knowing when he can get away with it. He's intelligent, sly and ambitious, but a good friend. 

His hair is a chestnut brown, but he has a white streak of hair due to Poliosis. It also left an milky white mark in his neck. His eyes are two colours, due to Heterochromia Iridum, which runs through the family. A pale blue and a light green. His skin is rather pale and smooth, Destrian finds self-care quite important.