Mary Swan

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Mary Swan
Mayfield, England
First year, Hufflepuff
29,5 cm cherry wood and unicorn hair
Additional information
Mary was born in the small town of Mayfield where she also grew up. She is a pure-blood but lives in a village where both Muggles and Wizards can be found so she's a bit aware of their world and has muggles friends. She has a bigger brother named Alexander they had a happy childhood in their village where they were spending a lot of time in the woods creating their own world. She is of a normal high for her age and has long dark hairs. Her eyes are also dark but her skin is quite pale. She is very easy going and loves to make new friends. 
Her mother is working at St Mungo's as a nurse while her father is working at the Ministry of Magic, even if Mary never really understood what he was exactly doing. 
At the age of eight Mary saw his brother go to Hogwarts and when he came back with a lot story she was even more excited to go when it will be her time to discover this place full of magic and properly learn how to be a wizard. 
Even if her family is pure-blood they are believing that wizards should live outside muggles' world but on the other hand live with them so that they can help each other, so Mary's parents rose both their kids with that spirit.