Henry Knight

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Henry Knight
Liverpool, England
Second year, Duellist, Slytherin
27,3 cm mayhaw wood and phoenix feather
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For any and all Current information on Henry Knight please go to my Encyclopedia. If you want to Roleplay with me then feel free to owl me anytime.

Summary of Henry ~
Henry is a tall boy for 12 with brown hair and light blue eyes matched with his lightly tanned skin. He overall is a attractive boy but he is quiet and a bit shy compare to others. He's also kind and understanding, but in the face of danger he can be brave and he has a way with words that he can inspire others to be brave as well. Henry is also intelligent and has a love of reading, he's also very cunning and can be a bit mischievous. Henry grew up with his twin sister, Annabeth who sadly is a squid. Still Henry and Annabeth are closer than most sibling's but still seem to grow a part even before Hogwarts. Henry and Annabeth also have a older brother, named Arthur who's 18 and already graduated from Hogwarts. His older brother works at the ministry of magic with their father; Luke. Their father;Luke works in the department and regulations of magical creatures and their older brother; Arthur is a auror. Henry's mother died from a werewolf attack when he was only 6 about the same time Henry first had his encounter with magic. After his mother died, Henry started to spend more time alone with his sister; Annabeth. They would sit under this big oak tree near their house in the village of godric hollow and just read together. One day when the twins were 7, three or four older boys started picking on them and Henry not meaning to and using accidental magic, caused the tree to catch on fire which frighten the boys who ran off. Henry however had mixed feelings about it, him and Annabeth told their brother and father about it which made their father exciting but also curious about his son's magical ability so much so that he kept a closer eye on him. Since then Henry always had small run ins with magic which made him joyful because he knew he would have a chance to go to Hogwarts just like his mother, father, and older brother did but it made his father worry because most of these accidental magic came from anger and they almost always involved fire. Like the second time Henry had a encounter with accidental magic, Henry and Annabeth were arguing in the family room by a couple of bookshelves that Henry accidentally lit on fire using accidental magic. Besides from this, Henry always had a happy childhood minus a few memories, Henry's mother; Ivy was a pure blood who was sorted in Ravenclaw but sadly she died when she was attacked by a werewolf when Henry was only 6. Henry's father; Luke is a pure blood who was sorted into slytherin during his time at Hogwarts and now works in the department and regulations of magical creatures. Henry's older brother; Arthur was also sorted into slytherin during his time at Hogwarts and now is in addition schooling to become a auror. Henry was or is also in slytherin like his brother and father but he also wants to have his own and new experiences at Hogwarts. Since Henry never really had any friends besides his siblings and his childhood friend who he sees as hiwhen they met as kids on top the hill under the big oak tree where he sits to read, but still he wants to make a few more friends so badly but also is nervous since so many see him as weird and a bit of a freak. Henry also has a passion and love for magical creatures.