Albert Peshkov

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Albert Peshkov
Edinburgh, Scotland
Second year, Ravenclaw
26,7 cm cedar wood and phoenix feather
Additional information
Albert Peshkov was born to an aristocratic wizard father and his mother, a muggle, in Edinburgh. Growing up with a differing set of expectations from his mother and father caused Albert an extreme amount of stress, so he swiftly aligned his beliefs with those of his purist father's. Although he had no animus against his mother, he found it easier to lash out against her, to his father's satisfaction. Raised as a typical Scotsman, his father tried to avoid placing any eastern-European ideals in Albert's head, as he thought them to be inferior to the Western system of beliefs.

Albert is a short, but outspoken boy, standing 1,37 meters tall. While he may look timid and quiet, with his black hair and gray eyes, he tends to maintain a hard demeanor, but has a curious streak and is willing to step outside his comfort zone. When Albert was born, he suffered from a deviated carotid, which allowed others to see whenever he was lying or withholding information. As such, he tends to be a very honest person, and does not withold truths.

Albert's magic happened to be discovered by a mishap, when he was caught in a difficult lie, much to the joy of his father. After being called out for lying by his teacher, who had since observed his pulsing neck, he unknowingly caused her desk to snap in half. The Ministry of Magic promptly sent Obliviators to remove any recollection of the incident from the teacher or her students.

Albert's mother refused to believe that he possessed magic, as she viewed it as a curse, however, Albert was overjoyed to be owled by Hogwarts, and carrying on his father's legacy of magic.