Aria Phoenix

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Aria Phoenix
London, England
First year, Ravenclaw
24,7 cm spruce wood and dragon heartstring
Additional information
Aria Isabelle Phoenix was born on July 14 in London, England to a Muggle-Born mother and a Pure-Blood father.
Aria has long, black hair and brown eyes. Her hair is quite thick and easily gets in her face. Aria also wears round glasses.

The Phoenix family lived in a rather large house in the heart of the city, thanks to her parents well-paying jobs at the time of Aria's birth. Her father was an Auror and her mother was a potioneer at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Though they were quite busy, they still had time to socialize and spend time with their daughter.

Aria's magic surfaced at about four years old. She was reading an abnormally thick book while eating her breakfast, and wished she could eat her breakfast without having to put down her spoon every minute to turn the page. As if her wish was granted, the pages turned themselves as soon as the thought floated into her mind. The sight was not unusual in the Phoenix household, as both her parents were magical.

When Aria turned six years old, her parents decided it was time to get serious about their daughter’s magical education. So, they sent her to a homeschool group run by her mother’s friend.

Anne, the lady who ran the homeschool group, was a former Healer who had previously worked at St. Mungo's, at which she met Aria's mother. Not only was Anne skilled in Potions and Herbology, she was also quite well-versed in the other core courses taught at Hogwarts. That is what she taught Aria and the other seven children who attended the group. Every day consisted of learning about the magical plants Anne grew in her garden, a Charms or Transfiguration lecture, an Astronomy lesson (there was usually homework assigned to be completed at home, at night), as well as a Potions theory lesson (which involved Anne brewing a potion and the others watched from a safe distance, or a normal lecture), a History of Magic lecture, and a Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson.

Through her rigorous homeschool experience, Aria gathered the knowledge she needed to excel at Hogwarts. An intelligent, creative, courageous, and determined young girl, she hopes to one day become a Hogwarts professor.