Makena Degray

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Makena Degray
London, England
First year, Gryffindor
35,3 cm cherry wood and phoenix feather
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First Name: Makena
Last Name: Degray
Middle Name: Roshelle
Nicknames: Kena and Mack

Overall appearance:
Makena is a beautiful young girl. She has blue eyes, full lips, rosy cheeks, lightly tanned skin and long, brown hair worn in loose waves. She stands at 5'1 and her frame is slim and petite. 

Makena use to be a quiet girl who used to live a sheltered life however the restrictions put on her has caused her to be hot headed and to have quite a rebellious nature but will still follow the rules (unless she disagrees with them).  Makena is also sweet and happy girl, however the events of her life have given her a dark side that she is not afraid to use, if the situation calls for it. Despite the tragic events in her life, Makena is still a very positive and upbeat person. Makena is also a curious girl who always longs for an adventure. She is also a loyal, caring and a sympathetic friend. When someone hurts her or anyone she cares about, she won't rest until she gets back at them. But don't worry she wont do anything that bad...

Makena is an only child and lived with her mother and father. Makena had a good upbringing until her mother betrayed her and her father and sided with the dark wizards. When this happened Makena and her father were put in danger but her father protected her and sadly died she blames herself for his death and vowed to never let an innocent person be harmed. After his death Makena was forced to stay with her mother and the other dark wizards she wasn't aloud to go outside or talk to other people or make friends but she would often sneak out just to have time to herself however if it was found out that she had been sneaking  out her mother wouldn't be happy but this taught her to be a survivor and to not let the dark wizards rise again. You may think that because she has lived with dark witches and wizards for most of her life she would be a horrible person and just like them but its because of them that she is a positive and happy person but she does kind of have a dark side when sticking up for herself or her friends but she would never hurt anybody. Makena is also a very powerful witch for her age but still has lot to learn. 


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