Louis Graves

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Louis Graves
Manchester, England
First year, Gryffindor
21,7 cm chestnut wood and phoenix feather
Additional information

Louis Arsenio Graves

BIRTHDAY: April 13th
AGE: 11 Years

Edmund P. Graves - Father - Pure-blood
Lucy Cavendish-Graves - Mother - Muggle
Holden Graves - Younger Brother - Unknown

APPEARANCE: Louis is a serious looking young man. He stands tall and lean, with a figure that suggests he might be a quick athlete if he does not put on a lot of weight or muscle as he ages. He has dark flyaway hair with highlights of shimmering copper, thick and furrowed brows, and a mischievous twinkle in the foggy grey of his eyes. Louis' face still retains much of his youth at 11 years of age. His skin is tanned enough to suggest he's seen a fair bit of sunlight in his life, but his features still retain a childish roundness to them.

PERSONALITY: A sharp-tongued young man with the stubbornness to support almost any claim he might make. Louis is fiery in his spirit. The wizard has a tendency to hold fast to his guns and never back down from a challenge. Because of his age, this can cause him to enter troublesome situations and may leave him with the difficult choice of finding a way out without damaging his pride. He is a trickster, but knows a good deal of his limitations and how far he can test his luck. Most of his actions are taken selfishly and are only done in order to see what he can get out of the scenario. Louis is impulsive and daring, with just enough charm to wiggle his way out of nearly any mess.

Louis is not entirely driven by academics, but this seems to find a shift when he is given something that he's passionate about. He has a high level of curiosity that allows for him to narrow in on specific subjects that appeal to him in one way or another. Danger and risk are never really factors that play into these passions and will not deter him away from a subject that he has grown attached to. As a first year, much of his time will be spent trying to find these passions and begin developing his strengths in them*.

*Personality features may shift and change with age and time, as is expected with character growth.

HISTORY: Louis was born on April 13th to two loving parents in Manchester, England.

Lucy Cavendish moved to Leeds, England shortly after her graduation from the University of Paris. Lucy had been born in England, but had been pulled away with her family at a young age. She sought to return in order to feel closer to her heritage. At the age of 29, she had acted as a corporate executive in downtown Leeds. She frequently spent days or weeks traveling for business. Lucy preferred her trips across England, enjoying that she could fly from Durham to Exmouth and still feel at home in any environment. It was on a trip to Manchester that she happened upon a charming young man by the name of Edmund Graves. They met in a beautiful book store on 23 Lever St. and found a deep connection in a four hour conversation about Ayn Rand.

Lucy would frequently travel into Manchester to see Edmund. They started by spending hours together, which faded into days, and after several years... well, they had found a comfort in remaining close to each other for weeks at a time. After a night of drunken fumbling and soft words, the wheels had been set into motion for Louis to be born. Lucy discovered she was pregnant after nearly 4 years with Edmund.

When Louis was born, his mother delighted in his existence. It was in the boy's infancy stage that she discovered the truth about Edmund's past and his abilities. Shock had taken hold in her, but she did not feel as though this was reason enough to turn away from the man she loved. She did what she could to learn about magic from Edmund, leaving her with a mixture of envy and admiration. As Louis aged, she made many changes in her life in order to tend to him. All the while, Lucy held on to the thought that her son had the potential to carry magic in his blood.

Shortly after Louis' fifth birthday, another child was born into the family by the name of Holden. It was after the birth of her second son that Lucy took the initiative and proposed to Edmund. They married that fall in Leeds and moved the family to Manchester to live in Edmund's larger home. For all intents and purposes, they had created a perfect family. The boys wanted for nothing and their parents were madly in love with each other.

At the age of seven, Louis started to show signs of magical capability. This started when he and Holden had been left with a sitter. Louis had caused the girl's phone to float across the room and disappear behind the large wardrobe that sat against the wall. Fortunately for him, his sitter was not the brightest young woman and she claimed that she had left her phone behind at a friend's house. From that day, Louis grew and so did his ability. Lucy and Edmund prepared for the inevitable owls that would arrive with his invitation to Hogwarts.

On his 11th birthday, Louis was met with a stunning long-eared owl that carried a letter for the young wizard.