Margo White

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Margo White
Wizard born
Aviemore, Scotland
Third year, Slytherin
23,1 cm walnut wood and phoenix feather
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Sarcastic  ✧  Creative  ✧  Daring

“A creature of change, Margo's emotions guide her through life, but they are not a book to be observed by the outside world. Probe too deep and she will scowl, stand and leave you wondering exactly what it is that she is hiding. The answer? Her heart. Not a love easily caught, this girl's affections are strong and unyielding. Her loyalty is a shy and cautious thing, but once coaxed out of its shell you'll be locked in its jaws for years to come. Banter is her art form -- free, expressive and allowing. Put her in a cage and she'll slither, scratch, and eventually fly her way out, slamming the door behind her. Upon the few occasions that she is not busy chasing the whispers of adventure, you'll find her curled up in the common room, thinking about her previous escapades with a soothing cup of tea to keep her fiery character from flickering out.”

Witty  ✧  Mischievous  ✧  Free
Posting status: From a few days to two weeks (poke me if you need!)
Owl status: Forever open!
Thread status: Open for humour and enemy storylines
Post length: Changeable. I can go well above 500 if necessary or just do quick 200 posts.
Discord: Moonshine#7663
✧ Roleplaying ✧
Margo likes: embroidery, music, her guitar, blackberries, food, sarcasm.
Margo dislikes: grey, routine, marrow-mindedness, flying, broccoli.
Margo looks: blond, mischievous, big eyed, cheeky, short, wild.
See more about Margo in my encyclopedia
I do and will do mood boards and aesthetics but I know many better artists — just look at my ency!