Evelyn Rosewater

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Evelyn Rosewater
Egremont, England
28,0 cm chestnut wood and unicorn hair
First year, Ravenclaw
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Evelyn Rosewater has short light brown hair, light green eyes with light skin. She is a little short for her age at four feet and one inch with thin arms but has some muscle on her legs from riding on roller blades. Evelyn has no problem with wearing dresses or really anything but most have light colors and typically frilly in nature.

Evelyn is book smart and not very athletic the most she does is ride around on her roller blades. She can spend hours reading, even after she was told to go to bed, she'll use the moonlight to continue. After being told that she had magic, even when she did it for the first time Evelyn had not freaked out instead she just accepted it and moved on even asking questions on how to do it, etc.

Evelyn was born in England, Egremont to her mother a fashion developer and her father an archeologist. She spent much of her time alone with her mother as her father left on digs to many places around the world. On her sixth birthday, she was given some rollerblades that her father had found in another country during one of his digs and she has since been using them to get around.

One year later her mother packed both of them for a trip to see her father during the summer break. They had been planning to spend two weeks there but an "accidental cave-in" killed her parents within a week of being there. Afterward, she was sent back to England and put into an orphanage with no living relatives to look after her. Her parents had put together some money for her win they died but she has not been able to get it due to her age.

Her first signs of having magic showed up when she was nine, she and a few of the other kids were climbing up the tree that was just outside of the building. The kids had been called in to eat breakfast and Evelyn had been climbing down when she slipt and fell, only she didn't hit the floor immediately she floated for a second before landing. After that, she has had smaller instances such as something appearing when she wanted it.

A teacher from Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry came to the orphanage and informed her of her powers and that she has a place within the school since birth. They also handed her the letter and let her read it, afterward they explained how they could take her to Diagon Alley to obtain said school supplies.


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