Arc Perscivious

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Arc Perscivious
Wimbledon, England
Second year, Ravenclaw
23,6 cm walnut wood and dragon heartstring
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Arc's Pre-Hogwarts History
Arc Perscivious was the second child of three siblings. His father, Markus Zenith Perscivious, was a Pure-Blood and her mother, Setia Amorilla, was a muggle. The Perscivious family was a pure-blooded family through and through. As such, Markus’s wedding with Setia was not welcomed by the Perscivious and Arc had never seen his father’s family.
Growing with a Potion Master as a father and a Medical Doctor as a mother, the dark-haired boy lived among herbs, medical items – both the magical and not-so-magical kind -, and animals for experimentation. Unfortunately, both of his parents were very busy and the boy was practically raised by his brother, Andike Perscivious. He was almost ten years older than Arc and he had taken care of him until Andike got enrolled into Hogwarts. Even then, he always took over their parents’ role for Arc and his little sister, Mary Anastasia Perscivious, whenever he came home for holiday.
Arc and his family lived in a town in south-west London called Wimbledon. The boy rarely left his house in Spencer Hill and spent most of his spare time outside of school reading books. When he did leave his house, though, it was mostly to go to magical forests around London with his father. Something that the boy never looked forward as he hated any physical activities. He liked spending time with his father, though.
Arc’s magic surfaced for the first time when he was seven, in one of his father’s outings. They were hiking up when a rock suddenly came loose and dropped straight to him. The kid threw the falling rock off its course without even batting an eye. His father was jubilant, but Arc just wanted to go home after that. He really didn’t need that kind of thrill in his life.
The scrawny kid was overjoyed when Andike finally finished Hogwarts, but that only lasted for three years. His brother had been working as one of the Unspeakables for around two years when he suddenly came home screaming and wailing. The official story was he got ambushed by a powerful Banshee but nobody knew for sure what had happened. He was deaf and mentally unstable after that. He lost his job as well. Arc tried to take care of him while his parents tried everything in their power and knowledge to heal him. But before long he got his expected letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and had to leave his home. Hopefully, his parents would succeed. And his brother would get better soon. Either that, or he would find the cure on his own.

Arc was just one inch shy of five feet, but he would just round it up whenever someone asked him. His father and brother were lumbering giants, figuratively speaking, and he knew, he just knew, he would catch up. Hopefully. He only weighed seventy-seven pounds and didn’t have that much upper body strength. What he lacked in strength, though, he made it up with agility. Both of his hair and eyes were dark with a brown hue to it. And his skin was pale and smooth, something that some of his elementary school friends had mocked, but they were jealous. Tch.

The boy was not a talkative person as he didn’t really like his voice. But once you talked about a book or something that he really liked then he could talk about it nonstop. He was not very good at explaining things, though. He loved reading books in quiet and hated physical activities with all his guts. Arc was not an adventurous boy and prefer doing things that stimulated his mind. His father tried to change that but he was as stubborn as an immovable rock. The boy believed he was very logical, but sometimes a burst of emotion could get the better of him. Arc had impeccable memories and especially good at finding patterns. He could concentrate at a certain task or object so much, he droned out everything around him. Something that was both a strength and weakness to him. He was bad at multitasking as well.