Jesse Schielder

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Jesse Schielder
Tottenham, England
First year, Hufflepuff
30,2 cm elm wood and troll whisker
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This is Jesse Schielder. She's eleven and was born on May 7th. Her parents are Barry and Catherine and they're both muggles. She has one brother and two sisters, William, Margo, and April. She lives with her brother, who's twenty-five and her legal guardian, because her parents aren't doing well financially. He works as a lawyer and provides for his sisters,the oldest two finishing their upper education. When they found out that Jesse was a witch they pretended that she was going off to a boarding school for misconduct so her parents wouldn't know, which she initially was heading. No one in her living family is magic so no one knew how to deal with her change until the letter from Hogwarts came.

Jesse doesn't try to get into trouble, she just ends up facing the consequences when she means to do right, with a little attitude when she senses unfairness. She's generous, sometimes too generous, extremely caring, energetic like she's ate a bucket of pure sugar, and pretty patient. But that can go wrong when she disregards the rules to do what she feels is right and protect the things she cares about. The fire in her eyes burns when she has her head focus on an important task and probably won't let anything get in her way. She's relatively not mean, she prefers kind words over any other but when provoked enough it can get out of hand. She hates laziness, getting it from her brother who she loves dearly and looks up to, and is very responsible...well, maybe not the day when she discovered her powers existed.

It was two days before her tenth birthday. She wanted to be with her parents, who she didn't get to see often. They set up fireworks, which her drunk father did terribly, which made the nosy neighbors laugh. They were always in everyone's business, which her brother explained, and this made her angry. At night when they were about to set off the fireworks she saw the neighbor's kid pull out his phone to catch the 'failure' and as it flew into the sky, Jesse was wishing that it went towards their house. Instead of going straight and exploding, it headed straight for the neighbors and into their trashcan, blowing it up and covering everything in trash. Everyone was in shock but they just expected a malfunction. Jesse's brother knew her well, though, and knew she had something to do with it. No one expected magic until the two other incidents, when she dropped a box of unpopped popcorn in the store and every single kernel popped, flooding the aisles, and when she got into an argument with her sister taking a long bath and every faucet in the house exploded with water. After that everyone was just cautious and tried to figure out what was going on in a calm matter.

Jesse is tall and skinny, which is what she likes to be. She doesn't have a big appetite, is very agile, fast, and flexible. Her hair is dark brown and long, her eyes are dark blue, and she has freckles across her fair skin. By tall she is exactly five feet and one inch tall, and by skinny, she is very thin, and bony, and weighs eighty-two pounds. She prefers to wear clothes she move easily in, like shorts, t-shirts, and sneakers, isn't too much into fashion. Two noticable things about her is her slightly bucked teeth, like a bunny, and a small piece of her right ear, at the tip, where it's burned and partially missing.



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