Rosa Spellwand

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Rosa Spellwand
Wizard born
Greystones, England
30,2 cm chestnut wood and snallygaster heartstring
First year, Hufflepuff
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My name is Rosa Spellwand. I am eleven years old and am very excited for Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry. I am a creative writer, I love the muggle animal, "goats", I am kind to people who are mean to me, but I will not tolerate it when people are rude to my friends. I realized I would be probably be excepted to Hogwarts after I turned eleven last year and I can't wait! I have red/brown hair, brown eyes, no freckles, I often wear muggle clothing, and I always have ribbon in my hair. A little bit about my history is that I have two muggle friends named Clara and Hannah, I often play with them, but, they're muggles and I have never told them anything about me being magical. About two years ago, I broke my wrist when Hannah landed on it while all three of us were on a trampoline, a muggle device for bouncing on, like a bed, but funner. My wrist has healed now completely. My parents are Abigail Spellwand and Steve Spellwand, they are very kind people and treat me wonderfully. They are both alive and well. I have one sister and one brother. Both are younger than me. My sister, Judy Spellwand, is extremely annoying as well as my brother, Delvin. My parents are both authors, they write fictional stories about all sorts of different adventures, including one they wrote about animals who talked to a muggle child named Elyza. My birthday is October 19th, 2008. My siblings often play pranks on me. My sister is six years old and my brother is nine years old. There isn't a whole lot else in my history that's very important. My magic first surfaced when I was four years old. I accidentally made the family's owl, Pellet, talk! all he aid is that he wanted a mouse. :lol: I couldn't believe it, after all, I had just learned about Hogwarts! I think I would be best put in Hufflepuff, but, anything can happen in the wizarding world! :biggrin:

-Rosa Spellwand :cute: :smile:


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