Phoebe McCrary

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Phoebe McCrary
Inverness, Scotland
First year, Slytherin
29,5 cm walnut wood and dragon heartstring
Additional information
Phoebe has grey hair with dirty blonde streaks, grey eyes, hundreds of freckles all over, and a natural blush. She is 4'4" and weighs 88 lbs. She has soft, healthy skin with the exception of her rough hands caused by gardening.
Phoebe was born on September 1st to Eleanor and Daniel McCrary. She lived happily with her parents up until the age of 6 when they were attacked by dementors late in the night, taking her parents' souls. Her parents were sent to a hospital for muggles, where they were diagnosed with severe memory loss due to trauma and possible dementia. Since the attack, Phoebe had been raised by her aunt, Eva McCrary, the widow of Phoebe's blood-related uncle. It was with her that she learned how to sew, cook, clean, garden, and make poisons and remedies out of natural resources. She discovered her power in late autumn the following year. Her aunt soon taught her how to hide her powers from the public.
Phoebe is an eccentric girl. She has a quiet and subtle demeanor, but she is very good at holding conversations when somebody approaches. She is extremely kind once you get to know her, and it's difficult for her to hold any grudges. However, there is a little bit of pessimism and negativity always residing in the lowest and darkest corner of her soul. She doesn't really pay attention to that part of her, though, but it always finds a way out at times. She doesn't speak much unless spoken to, but she is very observant. She enjoys gardening and doing embroidery in her spare time.
She likes gardening, being around others, tending to animals, and decorating handkerchiefs. Her favorite flower is the sweet pea because of its sweet scent and wide range of colors. Her favorite color is burgundy. She loves apple cider and peppernuts, especially when they are together. Her aunt has Dutch family members, so it's a tradition to have peppernuts on the table during the holidays.
Over the course of her first year at Hogwarts, she became a vegetarian after an encounter with a rabbit and a hungry owl. On an incredibly lower note, her parents were slaughtered in their hospital beds during her first winter break at Hogwarts. Her aunt didn't tell her until after the break, after the funeral.